Campus Life

Taco the Town

Shawn Carter feeds his longtime dream by feeding the State College community with creative, international fare.
Jeff Rice '03 Com

Atmospheric Traditions

Eight decades after issuing its first undergraduate degrees, Penn State’s meteorology program might just be the global leader in turning weather-obsessed young people into world-class forecasters.
Wayne Coffey

Happy Birthday, Frederick Douglass

On February 14, the day the once-enslaved reformer, orator, and statesman Frederick Douglass chose to mark his birthday, thousands of people from across the globe will livestream Douglass Day, a global transcribe-a-thon hosted by Penn State’s Center for Black Digital Research/#DigBlk, to honor Douglass’s legacy and celebrate Black History.
Savita Iyer

Across the Board

On the eve of the annual alumni trustee election, here's a closer look at the makeup and responsibilities of Penn State's governing body.
Ryan Jones '95 Com