Campus Life

Ominous Etchings

Penn State's Special Collections Library houses striking woodcut illustrations of Frankenstein.
Robyn Ryzdy '95 Com


What a Show

From the field to the stands to the skies above, nothing in college football matches the game day atmosphere of Beaver Stadium.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

Brand Central

Penn Staters are working to build a sustainable foundation to support NIL opportunities for athletes.
Jeff Rice '03 Com


Safely Satisfying the Need for Speed

The successful launch this season of NASCAR’s revolutionary Next Gen car marked a great leap forward for the sport—and a huge success for the two Penn Staters charged with ensuring the new car is fun, fast, and safer than ever.
Matt Crossman

The Best of Friends

From dorm assignments to teammates to physical and virtual classrooms, readers share the many ways their college friendships began—and how they've endured well beyond their days at Dear Old State.
Robyn Passante '95 Com

Faculty Expertise

He's (Still) Alive!

Penn State English professor Michael Bérubé, editor of a new edition of Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein, talks about his unusual perspective on the familiar tale, the novel’s impact on popular understandings of science, and why the story of a human-made monster is still relevant more than 200 years later.
Ryan Jones '95 Com