Faculty Expertise

Smoke Signals

Enhanced models can improve air quality predictions during wildfire season, says assistant geography professor Manzhu Yu.
Savita Iyer

(Out) Of This World

Historian Greg Eghigian is digging into the social phenomenon of UFOs in science, politics, and popular culture—with the understanding that how we think about unidentified flying objects says less about alien visitors than it does about ourselves.
Robyn Rydzy '95 Com

AI in the Sky

Engineering professor Chaopeng Shen’s AI-based hydrological models helped PlantVillage teams in Africa combat a powerful locust plague and save the crops of thousands of farmers.
Savita Iyer

Tools for Cultivating a Warming World

Penn State entomologist David Hughes gained acclaim with his research into “zombie ants,” but his heart and soul are in PlantVillage, a transformational initiative to help farmers in Africa and elsewhere adapt and survive in the face of climate change.
Savita Iyer