Impactful Giving

Ross and Carol Nese’s support helps ensure a bright future for nursing education.
Robyn Rydzy '95 Com

How Nurses Navigated the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought new appreciation to the profession, even as it created unprecedented challenges. For Penn State Nursing alumni, students, and faculty, adapting to those challenges meant learning new ways of taking care of patients—and of themselves.
Robyn Rydzy '95 Com

Leading with Aloha

Josh Green first ran for office 20 years ago to draw attention to the health care needs of the rural Hawaiians who visited his medical clinic. Last year, the same commitment that drove Green to become a doctor helped him win election as governor of Hawaii.
Mary Vorsino

Cow Calls

Grad student Avery Corondi's field work is helping ensure a healthy and manageable future for Pennsylvania elk.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

Room to Roam

Pennsylvania’s resurgent elk population is a victory for conservation and an unlikely tourism boon. If not for the vision of Rawley Cogan, the giant mammals likely wouldn’t be in the commonwealth at all.
Cristina Rouvalis

Ring Lingo

Pro wrestling has its own vocabulary. Here's a primer to help newcomers fake it as experts.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

Blood, Sweat, and Cheers

She left Penn State with plans to be a dentist, dreams of pro wrestling fame, and the stubborn confidence to believe she didn’t have to choose between the two. Ten years later, through hard work and a high tolerance for pain, Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. is one of the biggest names in the ring.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

Local Flavor

From the owners to the brewer to the guy behind the bar, newly opened Boal City Brewing has deep roots in Happy Valley.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

Crafty Alums

Hot Plate and Boal City are just the latest alumni-owned breweries—from L.A. to New England, Penn Staters are brewing all over the map. 
Robyn Rydzy '95 Com

Pouring a Glass for Everyone

The alumni couple behind Hot Plate Brewing Co. looks to combine great craft beer with a uniquely inclusive experience.
Amy Strauss Downey '04 Lib

Flawed Heroes and Rough Justice

Three decades into a career as a bestselling author of mysteries and legal thrillers, Paul Levine talks about writing his hero into retirement, his evolving inspirations, and the many threads that still connect him to Penn State.
Michael Weinreb '94 Com

Change for the Better

The road to success has its share of unexpected detours, but as your stories of switching careers and majors make clear, Penn Staters find ways to adapt.
Robyn Rydzy '95 Com