They Will Rock You

From Taylor Swift and Beyoncé to the Super Bowl and beyond, the creative visionaries at Rock Lititz bring the world’s most iconic events to life. And from the beginning, Penn Staters have had some of the biggest parts to play.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

Baking the World by Storm

Big-name clients and reality TV gigs confirm what her family knew when she was still in middle school: Chef Danielle Sepsy is a star in the kitchen.
Parizaad Khan Sethi

Shining Like a Star

Even as she pursued an academic career, Penn State Ph.D. candidate Aria Mia Loberti never let go of her childhood dream of being an actor. Now, as the breakout star of the Netflix series All the Light We Cannot See, Loberti is focused on making the most of her new career path—and of her platform as an advocate for people with disabilities.
Savita Iyer

The Power of Projection

With a gift for forecasting and a passion for education, Charles Hosler played a huge role in advancing the study of meteorology and making Penn State a global leader in the field.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

Space Cadet

From our Sept/Oct '17 issue: As a member of NASA's new astronaut class, Zena Cardman knows the sky is no limit at all.
Robyn Rydzy '95 Com

First Impressions

From impactful classes and time-honored traditions to dorm-room hijinks and lasting friendships, our readers agree that freshman-year memories stand the test of time.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

The Power to Create Change

With vision, determination, and help from family and some high-profile friends, Philadelphia physician Ala Stanford is taking an innovative approach to bridging the health care gap in her hometown.
Savita Iyer