They Will Rock You

From Taylor Swift and Beyoncé to the Super Bowl and beyond, the creative visionaries at Rock Lititz bring the world’s most iconic events to life. And from the beginning, Penn Staters have had some of the biggest parts to play.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

Turning a Corner

The new alumni owners of Hotel State College and Co. knew they’d have their hands full balancing respect for tradition and long-overdue updates to the iconic downtown business. They didn’t know they’d have to cope with a pandemic, too.
Robyn Passante '95 Com

Master Chef

Born in the U.S., raised in Greece, and educated as an engineer at Penn State, Yiannis Lucacos followed an unlikely path to culinary fame. For his fans, neither a lingering recession nor a pandemic can stop them from celebrating his delicious updates on classic Greek cuisine.
Savita Iyer


This traditional Greek dessert of custard-filled, crispy phyllo dough bathed in a sweet, citrus syrup is the perfect ending to any meal.

"A Great Man on Any Stage"

When Jesse Arnelle arrived at Penn State in 1951, he already possessed the build of a world-class athlete. Arnelle was 6-foot-5 and 225 pounds when he came to University Park from New Rochelle, N.Y., to play both basketball and football.
Michael Weinreb '94 Com

Leading With Joy

Gene Woods never gave up on music, even as he rose to the level of CEO at a major health care system. Now, the former State College bar band staple is using his talent to spread a message of positivity that aligns perfectly with his approach to work and life.
Théoden Janes

Stepping Into the Storm

In the midst of electoral unrest, government corruption, and a divided populace, Peru turned to Francisco Sagasti, a career academic who hoped to provide a steadying hand as the country’s president.
Michael Weinreb '94 Com

"You Can't Be What You Don't See"

Black alumni from the 1960s to the 2010s recall the challenges and opportunities of their time on campus, and share their hopes for Penn State's future.
Robyn Rydzy '95 Com and Ryan Jones '95 Com

Behind the Masks

Nurses on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic have been risking their lives to save the lives of others. They’ve received genuine outpourings of support and gratitude, but halfway through the World Health Organization’s first-ever Year of the Nurse, they know their work is far from over.
Savita Iyer

Poise Under Pressure

Deborah Birx has spent much of her 40-year career working on daunting global health challenges—ideal training for her role as the White House coronavirus response coordinator.
Robyn Passante '95 Com

"We Go to the People"

A pandemic that has left all of us vulnerable has given new urgency to the work of Brett and Corinne Feldman, whose groundbreaking street medicine program serves the most vulnerable population of all.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

A Memory of War, a Prayer for Peace

Mindful of his place in a dwindling population, World War II veteran Milt Feldman felt compelled to put his experience in writing. Seventy-five years after the conflict’s end, the story of a Jewish-American soldier who survived both the Battle of the Bulge and a Nazi prison camp is a poignant reflection of a generation’s sacrifice.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

So Much More Than Skin Deep

Social activist turned entrepreneur Jess Weiner has made a career out of helping women and brands see the value—and real beauty—in inclusivity and female empowerment.
Robyn Passante '95 Com

Man's Best Friend's Best Friend

From our March/April 2019 issue: Derrick Campana has helped countless dogs—not to mention elephants, goats, donkeys, eagles, turtles, and even the occasional cat—get back on their feet. How one alum’s unexpected career turn has allowed him to travel the world, get just a little bit famous, and create a whole new industry.
Tina Hay '83 Bus