Safely Satisfying the Need for Speed

The successful launch this season of NASCAR’s revolutionary Next Gen car marked a great leap forward for the sport—and a huge success for the two Penn Staters charged with ensuring the new car is fun, fast, and safer than ever.
Matt Crossman

Every Day a Struggle, Every Day a Gift

Caring for twin sons with autism has dominated Curt and Ana Warner’s lives for two decades. In a “blisteringly honest” new book, they tell their family’s story in a way that they hope will help other families—and, in the telling, themselves.
Lori Shontz '91 Lib, '13 Med Edu WC

The Prophet of Doom

For much of his professional life, William Perry has had a front-row seat for the deliberations, distrust, and terrifying close calls that have defined post-war nuclear proliferation. The former U.S. defense secretary is committed to making sure the rest of us don’t underestimate a threat that’s as real as ever.
Michael Weinreb ’94 Com