Faculty Expertise

AI in the Sky

Engineering professor Chaopeng Shen’s AI-based hydrological models helped PlantVillage teams in Africa combat a powerful locust plague and save the crops of thousands of farmers.
Savita Iyer

Help Wanted

Staffing shortages have exposed weaknesses in the unemployment system, says sociology professor Sarah Damaske.
Savita Iyer

Love of the Game

Education professor Scott Metzger’s fascination with Dungeons & Dragons began in elementary school and has never waned.
Savita Iyer

The Case For Equal Access

Dedicated to “restoring and empowering incarcerated individuals through education and meaningful engagement in civic life,” Penn State’s Restorative Justice Initiative is working to change the conversation around who deserves access to a college education.
Savita Iyer

‘We Know A Lot More Now’

Nearly two years after the emergence of a pandemic that disrupted life on Earth, Andrew Read, director of the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, reflects on what scientists have learned from COVID-19, what the world can expect going forward, and what we should not repeat.
Savita Iyer

A View to a Cure

Backed by a world-class facility, researcher Deb Kelly is making strides toward a breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer.
Mark Roth