Practical Advice: Stacey Nowicki

Get more from fitness walking with Stacey Nowicki’s tips.

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Stride Right

Wear a shoe that’s designed for walking. You want a heel strike directly below the hip, then lead to a rolling motion where you’ll end with a toe push-off.


Magic Number

To increase heart rate and see physiological changes, move faster—roughly 3.5 to 4.3 miles per hour—walk farther, and more frequently.


Distance First

Build mileage before speed and try to go a little farther each time. Increasing mileage slowly is key to preventing injury and maintaining motivation.


Focus, Focus

Don’t look at your phone, swing your arms—you’ll burn 5 to 10% more calories—and focus on contracting your glutes and abs.


Mix It Up

Do 15 seconds of really fast walking, then a minute or so of recovery. Add hills, lunges, and squats to improve leg strength.


Reap Your Rewards

I suggest three days a week for 12 to 15 weeks to build a habit. If you test yourself, you’ll see your mile time come down. 


Stacey Nowicki is a kinesiology instructor and ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist.