Practical Advice: Richard Harnish

Curb your buying impulse with Richard Harnish’s tips.

Richard Harnish black and white head shot in white circle within blue box, courtesy

Mindful Prep

Before you start shopping, take the time to sit down and think about what you need versus what you want. Consumers often get confused between wants and needs, giving smart marketers the upper hand.


A Strict Plan

Make a plan that includes a detailed budget: What exactly do you want to buy? Who are you buying for? How much are you going to spend?


Cash in Hand

A good marketer wants you to part with your money. Be smarter by always using cash: It’s visible, it’s tangible.


Shop In Person

Resist the one-click urge of shopping online and the immediate gratification that characterizes impulse buying.


Shop with intent

Marketers pump all manner of sensory inputs into stores. Resist these by moving with purpose: Shop slowly, and take the time to go through what’s in your cart to ensure you have only what you came for. 


New Kensington psychology professor Richard Harnish researches the intersection between consumer behavior and emotion.