Campus Life

The Suit

From all fours to one-armed pushups: a decade-by-decade look at the Nittany Lion's evolution. 
Mary Murphy

Eyes on the Road

For nearly eight years, Eric Barron has led the university through a period of growth and tumult, setbacks and success. We spoke with the outgoing president as he and his wife, Molly, prepare for retirement, and found him still focused on the challenges that remain.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

The Birds & the Bees

Unveiled in June, the Pollinator and Bird Garden at The Arboretum at Penn State has been lovingly constructed as a welcoming home for Pennsylvania’s many pollinators—bees, butterflies, beetles, flies, and the ruby-throated hummingbird, the region’s only vertebrate pollinator.
Savita Iyer

Raise the Song

This new public artwork is an ‘Easter egg’ for Penn Staters who know the words.
Robyn Passante '95 Com

The Not So Secret History of ARL

The work done at the Applied Research Laboratory happens out of view of most Penn Staters, a fact that belies a massive campus presence and a history dating to World War II. Here’s a look inside the research powerhouse whose innovations touch everything from underwater propulsion to the sound of a guitar.
Michael Weinreb '94 Com

Everyday People

Connection is key for new Center for the Performing Arts director Sita Frederick.
Amy Strauss Downey '04 Lib

Everyday People

An unlikely lobbying effort helped Anne Puchalsky get a jump on an environmental science career.
B.J. Reyes ’95 Com

Home for the Brave

The Student Veteran Center at University Park provides a welcoming space for those who’ve served.
Robyn Passante '95 Com

The Politician

His vision, connections, and famous last name made him a quietly influential figure in Washington, D.C., but Milton Eisenhower spent the best years of his career as a university president—including a transformational tenure at Penn State.
Michael Weinreb '94 Com

The Champ Is Here

In 1969, Muhammad Ali was one of the most famous—and most polarizing—people on the planet. As a handful of  Penn State students discovered one memorable night that spring, the once and future heavyweight champ was also unguarded, accessible, and fascinating company on a road trip.
Ryan Jones '95 Com