Campus Life

Preserving the Past, for the Future

At the Penn State Libraries’ Preservation, Conservation & Digitization Centre, experts lovingly care for old and rare books, photos, maps, and other items, ensuring they’ll be available to future generations.
Savita Iyer

Down We Go

Penn Staters with a thirst for adventure—and with no apparent fear of deep holes or tight spaces—spend their weekends exploring and surveying underground worlds.
Robyn Passante '95 Com

A Historic Hire

Neeli Bendapudi will become the first woman and first person of color to lead Penn State.
Robyn Passante '95 Com

Shot Caller

Student photojournalist Lily LaRegina takes the long view on visual storytelling.
Jeff Rice '03 Com

A Big Assist

A new $26 million gift places Peter and Ann Tombros among the university's top five all-time donors.
Robyn Passante '95 Com

Research With Impact

THON helps support the Four Diamonds Pediatric Cancer Research Center’s efforts to produce cutting-edge research and treatments for childhood cancers.
Savita Iyer