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March / April 2023

Penn State Meteo Forecasts Success • Remembering Franco Harris



Fan of the People

Franco Harris made one of the most famous plays in NFL history but was better known for how he connected with Penn Staters, Pittsburghers, and everyone else.
Jeff Rice '03 Com

Atmospheric Traditions

Eight decades after issuing its first undergraduate degrees, Penn State’s meteorology program might just be the global leader in turning weather-obsessed young people into world-class forecasters.
Wayne Coffey

Change for the Better

The road to success has its share of unexpected detours, but as your stories of switching careers and majors make clear, Penn Staters find ways to adapt.
Robyn Rydzy '95 Com

Flawed Heroes and Rough Justice

Three decades into a career as a bestselling author of mysteries and legal thrillers, Paul Levine talks about writing his hero into retirement, his evolving inspirations, and the many threads that still connect him to Penn State.
Michael Weinreb '94 Com

Campus Life

Shared Skills

The Makery brings together creators looking to share or teach their artistic talents.
Jeff Rice '03 Com

Across the Board

On the eve of the annual alumni trustee election, here's a closer look at the makeup and responsibilities of Penn State's governing body.
Ryan Jones '95 Com


Raising the Standard

Former Lady Lion Tanisha Wright is leading a steady rebuilding project with the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream.
Jeff Rice '03 Com

First of Many

Penn State wrestling's first national title came 70 years ago this March.
Jeff Rice '03 Com


On-the-Job Training

LionLink Projects pairs students with alumni to provide real-world experience and connections.
Robyn Rydzy '95 Com

Winning at Weather

Innovation, competition, and a passion for forecasting are at the heart of Joel Myers’ six decades of success with AccuWeather.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

Faculty Expertise

Urban Updates

Cities need detailed models to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change, says atmospheric science professor Ken Davis.
Savita Iyer

Back in the Saddle

A serious accident didn’t stop communication arts and sciences professor Denise Solomon from resuming her childhood dream of horseback riding.
Savita Iyer

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