Campus Life


Smooth Transition

Lisa Bervinchak Love '89 H&HD will be Penn State Field Hockey's sixth head coach beginning in August.
Jeff Rice '03 Com

What a Run

Longtime field hockey coach Char Morett-Curtiss retired in February after building one of Penn State’s most perennially successful programs.
Jeff Rice '03 Com


Local Flavor

From the owners to the brewer to the guy behind the bar, newly opened Boal City Brewing has deep roots in Happy Valley.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

Crafty Alums

Hot Plate and Boal City are just the latest alumni-owned breweries—from L.A. to New England, Penn Staters are brewing all over the map. 
Robyn Rydzy '95 Com

Faculty Expertise

AI in the Sky

Engineering professor Chaopeng Shen’s AI-based hydrological models helped PlantVillage teams in Africa combat a powerful locust plague and save the crops of thousands of farmers.
Savita Iyer

Tools for Cultivating a Warming World

Penn State entomologist David Hughes gained acclaim with his research into “zombie ants,” but his heart and soul are in PlantVillage, a transformational initiative to help farmers in Africa and elsewhere adapt and survive in the face of climate change.
Savita Iyer

From the Archives

Tombstones: The Stuff of Life

From the March 1973 Penn Stater: Legendary physicist Erwin Mueller shares stories of his scientific inventions, his introduction to Penn State, and how he used science to turn tombstones to bread in post–World War II Germany.

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