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Hefty Haul

Penn State had eight players selected in the 2024 NFL Draft.
Jeff Rice '03 Com

Top of the World

Looking back three years to when a pair of Nittany Lions helped the United States earn its first Olympic gold medal in women’s indoor volleyball.
Jeff Rice '03 Com


They Will Rock You

From Taylor Swift and Beyoncé to the Super Bowl and beyond, the creative visionaries at Rock Lititz bring the world’s most iconic events to life. And from the beginning, Penn Staters have had some of the biggest parts to play.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

Faculty Expertise

From the Archives

Mending an Ear

From the cover of our September/October 1979 issue: Nittany Lion shrine sculptor Heinz Warneke posed with his finest work shortly after re-creating the Lion's ear after it was damaged by vandals in 1978.
Robyn Rydzy '95 Com

Web Exclusive

Rocking to Her Own Beat

Allison Hagendorf considered a medical career after college, but her love of music won out. More than two decades later, she’s got one of the coolest gigs in the industry.
Cristina Rouvalis