No Gimmick

Taking care of teeth, or knocking them out, is all in a day's work for Britt Baker.

Britt Baker on stage

Upon entering the professional wrestling arena, Britt Baker takes on the persona of “Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.,” a character reminiscent of a sinister wrestling dentist from the mid-’90s heyday of World Wrestling Entertainment. But what makes Baker different is that it’s also who she is outside the ring: a practicing dentist. It’s always an interesting conversation, Baker says, when a patient learns of her side gig. Usually they’re supportive, in awe, or just think it’s “amazing,” she says. “But I know the day is coming when someone’s going to be like, ‘OK, you’re a weirdo, get out of my mouth, I’m going somewhere else.’”

Her journey to the wrestling ring began after graduation from Penn State. When Baker ’13 H&HD moved to Pittsburgh to attend dental school, a friend suggested she check out the independent wrestling scene in the city. While she admits it was sometimes stressful learning her craft while attending dental school, she rejected the notion of having to choose between the two.

Today, Baker is a dentist at a practice in Orlando, Fla., and has wrestled worldwide. She’s currently plying her trade for All Elite Wrestling, a new venture in the world of pro wrestling that has put on a handful of pay-per-view events, with a weekly TV show that started in the fall.

So far, it’s worked out for Baker, having what she calls “two Plan A jobs”—caring for teeth during the week and knocking them out, so to speak, on weekends. She manages it all with the occasional deep breath, and a healthy dose of perspective. “Anything that I’m stressing about,” she says, “is still something to be totally grateful for.”