From the Archives

Mending an Ear

From the cover of our September/October 1979 issue: Nittany Lion shrine sculptor Heinz Warneke posed with his finest work shortly after re-creating the Lion's ear after it was damaged by vandals in 1978.
Robyn Rydzy '95 Com

Water into Gold

From our November/December 2014 issue: Three years after a hurricane washed away his Vermont brewpub, Alchemist Brewery founder John Kimmich is thriving on his own stubborn terms. Meet the man behind behind Heady Topper, a curious concoction that might just be the world’s best beer.
Denise Dowling

Overwhelming Force

From our May/June 2015 issue: The most dominant program in college athletics offers no scholarships and competes in a sport most Americans don’t really understand. None of which bothers the women of the nine-time national champion Penn State rugby team. They’re too busy bulldozing all comers, and having a blast along the way.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

A Moveable Feast

From our November/December 2015 issue: In a month-long culinary excursion across University Park, the author discovered fresh vegetables, internationally trained chefs, staggering variety, and some really good food. From the dining halls to the HUB and dozens of spots in between, this is not your parents’ college grub.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

The Mayor of 16802

From our May/June 2016 issue: For generations of Penn Staters, Mike “The Mailman” Herr turned a mundane trip to the post office into a treat. In April, the authority-tweaking, cookie-collecting campus fixture retired as he did everything else—with a smile on his face.
Robyn Passante '95 Com

The No. 1 That Got Away

From our Jan/Feb '13 issue: It's been 20 years since top-ranked Indiana came to town and the biggest win in Penn State basketball history never happened.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

After These Messages

In our March/April 2003 issue, renowned ad critic Bob Garfield shared his take on the good, the bad, and the never-should-have-aired when it comes to TV ads. 
Chuck Salter

Floating Lion

Artist Larry Krezo ’67 A&A illustrated the magic of our mascot for this September/October 1977 cover story on those who’ve donned the Nittany Lion suit, which we’re sharing from our archives.

Man's Best Friend's Best Friend

From our March/April 2019 issue: Derrick Campana has helped countless dogs—not to mention elephants, goats, donkeys, eagles, turtles, and even the occasional cat—get back on their feet. How one alum’s unexpected career turn has allowed him to travel the world, get just a little bit famous, and create a whole new industry.
Tina Hay '83 Bus

Every Day a Struggle, Every Day a Gift

From our November/December 2018 issue: Caring for twin sons with autism has dominated Curt and Ana Warner’s lives for two decades. In a “blisteringly honest” new book, they tell their family’s story in a way that they hope will help other families—and, in the telling, themselves.
Lori Shontz '91 Lib, '13 Med Edu WC

The Prophet of Doom

From our September/October 2018 issue: For much of his professional life, William Perry has had a front-row seat for the deliberations, distrust, and terrifying close calls that have defined post-war nuclear proliferation. The former U.S. defense secretary is committed to making sure the rest of us don’t underestimate a threat that’s as real as ever.
Michael Weinreb ’94 Com

A Fighter's Chance

From our July/August 2018 issue: A straight-A student, all-conference runner, and Olympic boxing hopeful, Rebecca Maine is a model of achievement. But she's done nothing more impressive than survive.
Ryan Jones '95 Com