SoVA, So Good: Lauren Luloff

What it lacks in big-city buzz, Penn State’s School of Visual Arts more than makes up for with engaged faculty, talented students, a supportive culture, and a track record of producing acclaimed, innovative artists—like Lauren Luloff ’01 A&A, whose work features geometric patterns of dyed silk merging with shapes that hint at natural landscapes.

Magical Landscape 2022 by Lauren Luloff

Abstract Visions and an Ever-Evolving Style

Illustration of Lauren Luloff by Joel Kimmel

For close to a decade now, Lauren Luloff ’01 A&A has painted and repainted variations on landscape scenes that she can’t get out of her head. “I’ve become more and more interested in painting what I see in the landscape—it’s a very spacious, ethereal place, a combination of land, water, and sky—while still reflecting an abstract influence,” she says. Her most recent work, created since she relocated from Brooklyn to rural Maine last year, features geometric patterns of dyed silk merging with shapes that hint at that natural landscape.

Luloff says she was lucky to have teachers who encouraged her talent as a child, support that she found echoed during her undergraduate days at Penn State. “The engagement of faculty with students was so strong—they were really available,” she says. “Even after living in New York for so long, I don’t feel like the culture they created was ever matched.” That approach helped instill a confidence in continuing to explore through her art. “If you look at my work over the past 20 years, I’ve worked in so many styles, but the thing that’s consistent is this inquisitiveness,” she says. “I’m always exploring.”


World 2021 by Lauren Luloff, courtesy
World (2021)


Green World 2022 by Lauren Luloff, courtesy
Green World (2022)


Trying to tell the future 2022 by Lauren Luloff, courtesy
Trying to Tell the Future (2022)


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