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May / June 2019

Cool Reads, Bridging the Generation Gap on Film, Mining in Space

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The Suit

From all fours to one-armed pushups: a decade-by-decade look at the Nittany Lion's evolution. 
Mary Murphy

The Way He Saw It

Photographer Pat Little spent decades documenting Nittany Lion football and daily life around Happy Valley. Thankfully, he took good care of his negatives.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

Shining Like a Star

Even as she pursued an academic career, Penn State Ph.D. candidate Aria Mia Loberti never let go of her childhood dream of being an actor. Now, as the breakout star of the Netflix series All the Light We Cannot See, Loberti is focused on making the most of her new career path—and of her platform as an advocate for people with disabilities.
Savita Iyer