March April 2014 issue of Penn Stater Magazine_Ty Burrell driving a blue bus in front of a theater sign that says Laugh Out Loud: Penn Staters in comedy are cracking us up
March / April 2014

Penn Staters in Comedy

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Method Over Madness

From our March/April 2020 issue: Renowned biochemist Paul Berg won the Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking research on recombinant DNA, but his true legacy might be as a voice of caution in an era of dizzying—and sometimes terrifying—scientific progress.
Michael Weinreb ’94 Com

Flawed Heroes and Rough Justice

Three decades into a career as a bestselling author of mysteries and legal thrillers, Paul Levine talks about writing his hero into retirement, his evolving inspirations, and the many threads that still connect him to Penn State.
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