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July / August 2023

Pennsylvania's Thriving Elk • Going Deep on UFO History


Blood, Sweat, and Cheers

She left Penn State with plans to be a dentist, dreams of pro wrestling fame, and the stubborn confidence to believe she didn’t have to choose between the two. Ten years later, through hard work and a high tolerance for pain, Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. is one of the biggest names in the ring.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

(Out) Of This World

Historian Greg Eghigian is digging into the social phenomenon of UFOs in science, politics, and popular culture—with the understanding that how we think about unidentified flying objects says less about alien visitors than it does about ourselves.
Robyn Rydzy '95 Com

Room to Roam

Pennsylvania’s resurgent elk population is a victory for conservation and an unlikely tourism boon. If not for the vision of Rawley Cogan, the giant mammals likely wouldn’t be in the commonwealth at all.
Cristina Rouvalis

Campus Life

A Place to Belong

At an anniversary gala in April, the Paul Robeson Cultural Center celebrated half a century of serving and empowering students.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

Major Milestone

The Division of Undergraduate Studies has been helping students find their way for 50 years. 
Robyn Rydzy '95 Com


'Bout Time

A year after nearly claiming the crown, Brett Rosoff-Verbit won a national boxing title.
Jeff Rice '03 Com

Clutch Clout

Penn State Brandywine's softball team won its first national title.
Jeff Rice '03 Com

Q&A: Logan Snyder

Whether it’s ways to tighten up his short game or working toward his CPA, Logan Snyder loves numbers.
Jeff Rice '03 Com


Ring Lingo

Pro wrestling has its own vocabulary. Here's a primer to help newcomers fake it as experts.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

Cow Calls

Grad student Avery Corondi's field work is helping ensure a healthy and manageable future for Pennsylvania elk.
Ryan Jones '95 Com

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