Modeling, Music & Memorabilia

Telecom professor Anne Doris is a former catwalk model—and a serious fan of the Rolling Stones.

Anne Doris a model with guitar

Anne Doris never aspired to become a model—but because she was tall and hung out with a close friend who was a model, she was mistaken for one and offered work. Now an assistant teaching professor of telecommunications and media industries in the Bellisario College of Communications, Doris modeled through college and beyond, walking the runways of fashion shows in New York and London. “I had fun, I made good money, I wore some really cool clothes—and even kept some of them,” she says.

Among those: A rhinestone-studded African batik evening dress by Arthur McGee, the first African American designer to run a studio in New York’s garment district, for whom Doris modeled regularly. (She was also a fitting model for British designer Bruce Oldfield, who’s made dresses for Rihanna and Princess Diana, among others.) “I gave the McGee dress to the Met’s Costume Institute when I couldn’t fit into it anymore,” she says.

But Doris, who’s been at Penn State since 2016, has plenty of other memorabilia from her colorful life, including a soccer ball autographed by Argentine legend Diego Maradona, and a size-14 shoe worn and signed by former NBA star Baron Davis. “At one point in my career, I negotiated a contract between the New Orleans Hornets and Cox Communications to create a sports network based on the team,” she says. “I worked in Argentina for some years and my company created a club for kids, Cable Recreo, that Maradona’s little girls joined.”

Doris also has more CDs than she can count—she’s passionate about music, particularly reggae and the Rolling Stones. She saw Bob Marley—after whom she named her son—in concert scores of times. Ditto for the Stones: “Their Bridges to Babylon tour, when I took a teenage Marley to three concerts to convert him to Rolling Stones fandom, will always stand out.”  —SI

Black and white photo of Anne Doris modeling
Anne Doris
soccer ball autographed by Argentine legend Diego Maradona
Soccer ball autographed by Argentine legend Diego Maradona