Q: "Why are the university's colors blue and white, and when were they adopted?"
John Montgomery

A: The answer is complicated. According to The Pennsylvania State College History, published in 1946 by Wayland Fuller Dunaway ’33 Lib, students cobbled together an informal baseball team in the mid-1870s, playing on a field near Old Main and wear-ing uniforms “of white with light blue trimmings, the stockings being of alternate bands of blue and white.” But the college’s first official team, football, was recognized in 1887: The “Nittanymen” wore uniforms of deep pink and black. Before long, students were donning bright pink and black blazers and matching straw hats around campus. But within a few weeks, the sun and repeated washings caused the pink to fade to white, and by 1890, the student body voted to make the official school colors blue and white instead. Sometimes in life, the first idea is the best idea. —RP