Q: Can you get soft serve Creamery ice cream?
Cow & Cookie kiosk

A: The short answer is yes—but only since April. That’s when the Berkey Creamery and the Penn State Bakery partnered to open Cow & Cookie, a food stand in the basement of the HUB-Robeson Center that serves Quakes, a blended dessert featuring soft serve vanilla ice cream mixed with bakery cookies or brownies, cheesecake pieces, or fresh fruit. “For years we had a soft serve frozen yogurt mix, but this is the first time we’ve made soft serve ice cream,” says Creamery sales and marketing manager Jim Brown. Treat seekers must order and pay through the Penn State Eats app, which allows you to select a specific time to pick up your Quake. The only other way to get Creamery’s soft serve is to visit a dining hall that used to serve its frozen yogurt—those have switched over to its soft serve vanilla ice cream instead. Chocolate soft serve is already being tested at a few of those spots on campus, Brown says, and will likely be added to the Cow & Cookie menu if this “pilot program” advances to a more permanent space at the HUB.