Club Hopping: Penn State Club Curling

Club Curling's travel team is currently ranked No. 1 nationally.

illustration of three people curling by Joel Kimmel


Founded: 2018

Current membership: 100–110

Mission: To promote the growth of college curling within a diverse and vibrant collegiate community.


The club’s general body competes in weekly league matches at Pegula Ice Arena, while its travel team—of roughly two dozen—competes for the College Curling National Championship; it’s currently ranked No. 1 nationally. Of the 500 or so students who have been part of the club, only about five or six had curled before coming to Penn State, says club president James Lam, so the team holds regular strategy meetings and watches international matches for tips. Penn State has the largest college team in the nation and frequently has other schools ask advice on how they can get their own teams started.