Big 3: Three-Minute Theses

Meet the three winners of the Graduate School's Three-Minute Thesis competition.

illustration of first second and third place blue ribbons


Three students took home cash prizes during the final round of the Graduate School’s inaugural Three Minute Thesis competition in March.

black and white head shot of Sapre with first place ribbon graphicADITYA SAPRE

“High Throughput and Cost-Effective Ways of Protein Identification”


black and white head shot of Bywater with second place ribbon graphicAUJA BYWATER
Agricultural Sciences

“Improving Food Safety: Exploring Bacterial Diversity in Hydroponic Farming”


black and white head shot of DiStefano with third place ribbon graphicPAUL DISTEFANO
Liberal Arts

“Is a Hotdog a Sandwich?: Measuring Overinclusive Thinking and Creativity”