Staff Spotlight: Amy Dugan

Meet Amy Dugan, assistant to the CEO of the Penn State Alumni Association.

black and white head shot of Amy Dugan with yellow circle


A poster taped to Amy Dugan’s office wall shows exactly what her colleagues think of her, and their words are telling.

“Nicest … kindest … greatest … friendliest … best” are among the superlatives used to describe Dugan ’97 Sci, assistant to Alumni Association CEO Paul Clifford ’20 MEd Edu WC. Dugan, who’s been with the Alumni Association since 2010, is in a behind-the-scenes role with a public-facing heart. Juggling multiple tasks and expectations can be stressful, but she likes rising to the challenge. “I really like the variety of the role,” she says. “No two days are the same.”

Dugan manages Clifford’s calendar and provides administrative support for Alumni Council. She coordinates reception desk coverage at Hintz Family Alumni Center and assists with an untold number of tasks that keep employees safe and volunteers informed and happy. “My favorite part of the job is working with our volunteers,” she says. “We’ve become friends. These people are so important to me.”