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The Penn Stater Daily — Dec. 9, 2013

A record weekend: Senior guard Maggie Lucas scored 30 points Sunday in a 77-68 win at Georgetown, in the process becoming just the fifth player in Lady Lion history to reach 2,000 points. The reigning Big Ten Player of the Year and a preseason All-American, Lucas (below) is on pace to pass Kahadeejah Herbert ’86, Tyra Grant ’10, and Susan Robinson Fruchtl ’92 en route to second place on the Penn State scoring list. The school record—2,919 points, set by Kelly Mazzante ’04—is probably safe.


Meanwhile, the top-ranked Nittany Lion wrestlers capped a 2-0 weekend with a 28-9 victory over Pitt—a “home” win, but not in the usual sense. Instead of grappling in their usual Rec Hall digs, the Lions hosted the Panthers in front of 15,996 fans at the Bryce Jordan Center, setting records for both the largest crowd to see an NCAA dual meet and the largest crowd to see a sporting event at the BJC. If you missed it, our resident wrasslin’ expert Lori Shontz ’91 has you covered.

More from Mitchell: Late Friday, former Sen. George Mitchell released his fifth quarterly report on Penn State’s progress in meeting the Athletics Integrity Agreement—and once again, the university received a glowing review. (more…)

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Jenny Vrentas Scores a Big Gig

Vrentas.jpgPeter King, the Sports Illustrated veteran who is arguably the most widely read NFL writer in the country, this week launched the SI spin-off site Monday Morning Quarterback. It’s a big deal in the sports media world, and for the handful of writers King tabbed to join him, one of the most coveted gigs in the business. So congrats to Jenny Vrentas ’06, a biochemistry and molecular biology major turned sportswriter who is one of three writers joining King at MMQB. Vrentas spent the past six years with the Newark, N.J. Star-Ledger before joining SI in May, and this week she was unveiled as part of the MMQB team. Nicely done, Jenny.

Ryan Jones, senior editor

July 23, 2013 at 5:29 pm 3 comments

Our Talented Art Director Has Some Talented Friends

I mentioned back in April how psyched we were to welcome Marc Kauffman to the magazine staff. Marc joined us after 20 years at Rodale Press, the last six as deputy art director of Runner’s World magazine. We love Marc’s newsstand-magazine experience, his talents, and his good-natured personality … and we also love his Rolodex.

Aaron_GoodmanOK, no one actually has Rolodexes anymore. But Marc has a brain that’s just crammed with the names of first-rate photographers, illustrators, and photo-illustrators with whom he’s worked over the years. And he turned to a few of them right away as he designed his first issue for us—our forthcoming July-August issue.

One of those contacts is Aaron Goodman, whom Marc hired to create several photo illustrations for our July-August cover story, on the history of the Nittany Lion mascot. Goodman’s portfolio includes some really cool composite photos, like the one  he did for a 2006 Sports Illustrated cover (shown here) called “A Team for All Time.” Below is the full-length version of the same photo-illustration, which we’re using here with his permission.


(You really should click on that photo to see it bigger. It’s great.)

To get a feel for what was involved in creating that dugout photo—let’s just say there were a lot of body doubles involved—you can read this short article at the Sports Illustrated site. This video from Goodman’s own website, showing how he created a particular ad for Nike, is pretty cool too.

What Goodman did for us for our Lion mascot photo essay and cover wasn’t quite this elaborate. But we like it a lot, and we hope you will too. Maybe we’ll show you a sneak preview next week.

Tina Hay, editor

June 14, 2013 at 1:27 pm 3 comments

More Sandusky Articles Worth Reading

It’s impossible to keep up with the torrent of news media coverage on the Jerry Sandusky scandal. I’ve been reading some stories online, printing others to read at home in the evening when things are less crazy, and bookmarking still others to read at some imaginary later date when I will have a little time on my hands. (Ha—as if that’s going to happen anytime soon.)

On Monday  I posted an annotated list of seven articles that stood out as particularly good coverage of the scandal. Since then the rest of the magazine staff and I have come across at least eight more that we think are also worth reading. In no special order:

1. “This is Penn State.” The new Sports Illustrated is out, with a main story and two sidebars devoted to the events here at Penn State. The one linked here is the main article. Longtime SI baseball writer Tom Verducci ’82 contributes a sidebar called “A Place Apart,” but we haven’t found it online yet.

2. “Inquiry Grew Into Concerns of a Cover-Up.” A New York Times article posted yesterday provides a fascinating look at how the investigation into Jerry Sandusky unfolded—and how, through an Internet forum, “investigators narrowed their list of coaches likely to have seen something to Mike McQueary.”

3. “No Easy Answers for Mike McQueary.” An profile of McQueary ’97 H&HD, the former grad assistant who finds himself in the unexpected role of the whistle-blower.

4. “Let’s All Feel Superior.” New York Times columnist David Brooks is getting a lot of attention for this piece, in which he takes to task (more…)

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Tom Verducci Gets Stung

Best known as a respected baseball writer for Sports Illustrated, Tom Verducci ’82 also serves as a field reporter for TBS during the MLB playoffs. It was in his TV role Thursday night that Verducci ended up in the winning locker room following the Detroit Tigers’ divisional series victory over the New York Yankees. He was trying to interview pitcher Jose Valverde, who earned the series-clinching save for the Tigers. Here’s a look at the conditions Verducci was forced to work under:

There are many more difficult jobs in the world, and I’m sure Verducci knows how lucky he is. But I can tell you, having spent time in victorious NBA locker rooms during my own sportswriting days: Getting champagne in your eye stings like crazy.

Ryan Jones, senior editor

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A Conversation with Tom Verducci


I remember Sports Illustrated‘s Tom Verducci ’82 from back in the late 1970s/early 1980s, when I was covering Penn State football for State College radio station WRSC and he was a sports reporter for the Collegian. What I most remember was his willingness to ask Joe Paterno tough questions at the news conferences after football games. I think Joe found it a little irritating (but then, Joe finds most members of the news media irritating at one time or another), but I remember that they were smart questions and I was impressed with Tom for asking them.

Here we are 30 years later and Tom is one of the most respected sportswriters in America. A senior writer at SI, he has covered baseball—especially the Yankees—for years, and wrote the SI piece that blew open the steroids scandal in 2002. He’s also the co-author of Joe Torre’s book The Yankee Years, and in 2009 SI published a book called Inside Baseball: The Best of Tom Verducci.

Last night he spoke in the HUB as part of a series sponsored by the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism. And one of the things he mentioned was (more…)

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