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In Case You Can’t Get Enough of Alumni Magazines

Those of us who think about university magazines all day long naturally enjoy keeping up with what our fellow editors at other schools are doing. We get together once a year for an editors’ conference, we talk shop on a listserv called CUE (which stands for College and University Editors), and lately we’ve been reading a blog called UMagazinology.

The blog was started 15 months ago by Dale Keiger, associate editor of Johns Hopkins Magazine. He spotlights interesting stuff that he sees in the alumni magazines that cross his desk, and every so often he features an interview with an alumni magazine editor. Today it’s my turn to be grilled by Dale; you can read what I had to say here.

And, if you’re especially interested in this sort of thing, you can read previous interviews Dale did with a other university editors, including Sean Plottner at Dartmouth and Renee Olsen at Drew (two of my current favorite alumni magazines), as well as Kerry Temple at Notre Dame, Kevin Cool at Stanford, Gigi Marino ’88, ’93g at Bucknell, my pal Tina Owen at Iowa, and many others.

It’s interesting to see how much we all have in common, in terms of the challenges we wrestle with in our jobs. I especially liked what Jeff Lott of Swarthmore Magazine said a while back about the biggest thing he’s learned in the job:

“When bad things happen, move on. And yes, bad things will happen. You will publish factual errors, misquote professors, and piss people off. ‘Appalled’ readers will go straight to the top with their complaints, which will rain back down on you from that unfortunate direction. Stories will be spiked by administrators who had previously given them the green light. Writers will fail to turn in their copy on time—or at all—leaving gaping holes in your next issue. Shake it off, look ahead, and keep your wits about you to fight the next battle.”

Tina Hay, editor

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Gary Eberle’s Funky Truck

img00032-eberle-truckMy friend Elaine Keller ’68, who is rapidly becoming my top source of blog fodder, passes along this photo from friends who are currently vacationing in California’s wine country. One of the spots they visited is a respected winery owned by former Penn State football player Gary Eberle ’67. The friends report:

“We are in Paso Robles heading into our third winery—Eberle—and see this funky truck painted blue and white with ‘Penn State Forever’ painted on the front. After a few glasses of wine, Gary Eberle comes out from back and we start asking him about the truck. He played defensive tackle for Papa Joe, and is going to the Rose Bowl. We had to buy a few bottles of vino from him!!!”

As a side note, you may remember that The Penn Stater won the Sibley Award as the best alumni magazine in the country in 2007. It’s customary for the editor of the Sibley-winning magazine to send a bottle of wine to the editor of the following year’s Sibley winner, so when the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine won the 2008 Sibley, I sent editor Sean Plottner a bottle of 2007 Estate Chardonnay from the Eberle winery. Sean reported that it was excellent.

Tina Hay, editor

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