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More Sandusky Articles Worth Reading

It’s impossible to keep up with the torrent of news media coverage on the Jerry Sandusky scandal. I’ve been reading some stories online, printing others to read at home in the evening when things are less crazy, and bookmarking still others to read at some imaginary later date when I will have a little time on my hands. (Ha—as if that’s going to happen anytime soon.)

On Monday  I posted an annotated list of seven articles that stood out as particularly good coverage of the scandal. Since then the rest of the magazine staff and I have come across at least eight more that we think are also worth reading. In no special order:

1. “This is Penn State.” The new Sports Illustrated is out, with a main story and two sidebars devoted to the events here at Penn State. The one linked here is the main article. Longtime SI baseball writer Tom Verducci ’82 contributes a sidebar called “A Place Apart,” but we haven’t found it online yet.

2. “Inquiry Grew Into Concerns of a Cover-Up.” A New York Times article posted yesterday provides a fascinating look at how the investigation into Jerry Sandusky unfolded—and how, through an Internet forum, “investigators narrowed their list of coaches likely to have seen something to Mike McQueary.”

3. “No Easy Answers for Mike McQueary.” An profile of McQueary ’97 H&HD, the former grad assistant who finds himself in the unexpected role of the whistle-blower.

4. “Let’s All Feel Superior.” New York Times columnist David Brooks is getting a lot of attention for this piece, in which he takes to task (more…)


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