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Our Man Cardoni


Lady Lion basketball player Nikki Greene checks out a photo Cardoni took of her.

Ryan Jones mentioned in his post about Jay Paterno earlier today that we had hired Bill Cardoni to shoot the opening spread for our Sept/Oct profile of Jay, and when I saw it, I took a minute to browse Bill’s website—and I was struck by how many Penn Stater magazine photos I recognized in his portfolio.

We learned about Bill from Tim Baldwin and John Goryl, the team who redesigned The Penn Stater seven years ago. Tim and John used to be at Philadelphia Magazine and used Bill a lot for that publication. Bill is based in the Poconos but does a lot of photography shoots in New York City, and he also travels to University Park just about every issue to do some shoots for us.

Bill’s online portfolios are almost like a “Who’s Who” of Penn Stater magazine coverage. If you go to his site and click on Portrait I, Portrait II, or Portrait III, you’ll see everyone from Nittany Lion defensive end Jack Crawford to Camp Woodward founder Gary Ream ’76 to Penn State ornithologist Margaret Brittingham … not to mention twirler PJ Maierhofer ’10, wrestling coach Cael Sanderson, and former Lion quarterback Michael Robinson ’04, ’06.

His portfolio called “Print” includes Bubba Beschler, who works at Penn State’s Applied Research Lab but is better known as the drummer for the Screaming Ducks.

There are shoots for other magazines in Bill’s portfolio, of course. Just a few photos away from Bubba Beschler, for example, I came across a portrait of Patti LaBelle. I’m pretty sure she has no Penn State connection.

Tina Hay, editor

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Those Special Teams … Ouch

I usually watch Penn State football games on TV while getting stuff done around the house, but yesterday some friends from Boiling Springs took me to the Indiana game. (I got to sit in the club seats!) And by the end of the first quarter, I almost wished I were at home doing laundry.

Two interceptions, a fumble, a 10-0 Indiana lead, and the sight of Chaz Powell on the sidelines with his shoulder wrapped in ice—all in the first 15 minutes—tend to take a lot of enjoyment out of the experience for the fans.

DSC_8975 Lion + PJ

At halftime, the Blue Band reprised some of their top performances of the season, with the Lion and PJ Maierhofer reenacting their "Rocky" bit.

Obviously Penn State turned things around in the end and came away with a W, but oh my, was that ever a painful win. Daryll Clark’s two interceptions in the first period were part of the story, but Penn State’s special teams also made us grimace: The Lions fumbled three punts in the first half and a kickoff return in the second.

Neil Rudel ’78, who has covered Penn State football for the Altoona Mirror for 30 years, has a fairly pointed commentary this morning in which he laments the problems in special-teams play that have plagued Penn State all season. Last week against Ohio State it was the coverage teams; yesterday it was the return teams. And, when Joe Paterno said after yesterday’s game, “I thought the special teams did well except for handling the punts,” Rudel says that’s like a pitcher throwing a three-hitter but giving up three grand slams.

“The Nittany Nation is hoarse screaming for a special teams coordinator,” says Rudel.

Tina Hay, editor

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An Interview with PJ Maierhofer

Neil Rudel ’78 of the Altoona Mirror has a nice interview today with PJ Maierhofer, who recently was named the top collegiate majorette in the country—and who will begin her senior season as the Blue Band’s “Blue Sapphire” this coming Saturday at Beaver Stadium.

Just as I was thinking, “Man, it seems like PJ has been here for years,” the story mentions that this indeed will be her fifth year with the Blue Band/majorettes corps. In the interview she explains how that’s possible—a little bit of trivia about eligibility that I didn’t know before.

Penn State opens the football season by hosting Akron at noon Saturday; the Big Ten Network will carry the game.

Tina Hay, editor

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PJ Maierhofer: Blue Sapphire, Crown Jewel

PJ MaeirhoferThe USA and World Twirling Championships held at Notre Dame last week confirmed what Beaver Stadium ticket holders have known for years: Nobody twirls a baton better than PJ Maierhofer. The Penn State senior (and star of football halftime shows as the Blue Sapphire, the Blue Band’s featured twirler), has earned the title of College Miss Majorette of America. Maierhofer claimed the overall crown after winning the “strut” competition, tying for first in the “model” category, and finishing tied for third in the “solo” competition.

Penn Stater magazine readers shouldn’t be surprised, though: Given the daily three-hour practice sessions PJ told us about when we featured her back in our Jan/Feb 2006 issue (you can click on the image above to enlarge), her success seems a fitting reward for lots and lots of hard work.

Ryan Jones, senior editor

July 28, 2009 at 11:02 am 17 comments

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