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The Penn Stater Daily — March 25, 2014


Hooray for Hollywood: In the March/April issue of the magazine, we told you about Lights. Camera. Cure., a THON-inspired dance marathon held in Hollywood and spearheaded by a group of Penn State alums. This year’s event was Sunday, and today’s Collegian reports that LCC raised a whopping $80,820.59 for the Four Diamonds Fund and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Check out LCC’s Facebook page to see the celebs who stopped by.

Party starters: You might remember our feature on political science prof Pete Hatemi from last fall. Hatemi’s research explores the surprising links between genetics and political views. He’ll be discussing his findings at the Schlow Library in State College on Thursday, as part of the Research Unplugged series. Admission is free, as are the fantastic Irving’s bagels.

State of SPD: More good news on the decline of dangerous drinking holiday State Patty’s Day — and proof that some campus and downtown initiatives are making a difference. A graph posted over at Onward State shows that both crime and alcohol-related hospital visits hit all-time lows this year—and the community service event, State Day of Service, is more popular than ever.

Mary Murphy, associate editor

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From The Magazine: Pete Hatemi on Genes and Politics

For our Sept./Oct. issue, I had the chance to interview Pete Hatemi about his research into the ways our genes help determine everything from how we choose a mate to how we vote. Hatemi is an associate professor whose expertise melds political science with biochemistry and genetics, a relatively rare crossover that allows him to work in really interesting areas.

We headlined the Q&A “Are We Born Biased?,” and the short answer to that question is, (more…)

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Introducing the Sept./Oct. Issue

SO coverOur Sept./Oct. issue is on its way to you, and we hope the “cool” cover (pun intended) grabs your attention.

Set against that icy backdrop are the faces of Penn State hockey. In “Welcome to Hockey Valley,” senior editor Ryan Jones ’95 explains how, after decades of hoping, hockey finally made its way to Penn State.

Also in this issue is a fun feature showcasing some Freshman Proclamation posters from way back when (that is, 1904 to around 1950). The Proclamations were rules for new students, written and enforced by the sophomore class. I talked with former university archivist Lee Stout ’69, ’72g about the posters, and he shed some light on the stories behind them—and why embarrassing the freshmen wasn’t the only objective.

Some interesting research by faculty member Pete Hatemi is the subject of another feature, titled “Are We Born Biased?” According to Hatemi’s research, everything from our political viewpoints to our choice in romantic partners is influenced by our genes.

Other good stuff you’ll find in the Sept./Oct. issue: a profile of science prof David Hughes, who’s been helping Hollywood create realistic zombies; a tribute to the late gymnastics coach Gene Wettstone; an introduction to new Alumni Association president Kay Salvino ’69; plus updates on the Board of Trustees, the NCAA sanctions, and other Sandusky scandal fallout.

Once you receive the new issue, let us know what you think. Email us at or comment below.

Mary Murphy, associate editor

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