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The Penn Stater Daily — Nov. 20, 2013

Paterno movie update: Jessica Tully of Onward State checked in with David McKenna, the screenwriter for a planned biopic on Joe Paterno based on the book by Joe Posnanski. There’s still no timeline. There’s still no casting update, although Al Pacino is still apparently slated to play Paterno. McKenna said he had admired Paterno growing up, since he’d watched Penn State’s 48-14 victory over Pitt in 1981. Said McKenna: “I vividly remember asking myself ‘Who’s that little Italian guy with the glasses on the sideline?’ Well, let’s just say I was hooked after that.”

Married on campus: It shouldn’t surprise anyone that when Buzzfeed decided to do a list of “insanely beautiful colleges you can get married at,” Penn State made the list. I don’t think the photos do this place justice, though. Old Main is a great venue, but I can’t believe Buzzfeed couldn’t find wedding party photos from the gardens outside my office at the Hintz Family Alumni Center or at the Arboretum. Photos like those might have put Penn State higher than No. 13.

Income gap widening: Economists in the College of Agricultural Sciences released a report Tuesday that’s sobering for residents of Pennsylvania: the state lost 16,000 jobs from 2001 to 2011, and the economists also found what Ted Alter, professor of agricultural, environmental and regional economics, called “major shift in employment from higher to lower wage industries.” Ted Fuller, development economist in the college’s Center for Economic and Community Development, noted that “this loss of high-middle wage jobs–through recent cyclical ups and downs alike–probably does not bode well for the Pennsylvania economy.” You can read the Penn State news release by clicking here or check out the full report at this link.

Trumka celebrates Lincoln: And if you’ve not yet digested enough coverage of the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, which was Tuesday, you should check this out: Richard Trumka ’71, president of the AFL-CIO,  participated in a project by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns and PBS in which celebrities recited the Gettysburg Address. His reading clocks in at 1 minute, 51 seconds. It’s a genius speech, so it’s always worth your time to listen.

Lori Shontz, senior editor

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A Penn State Wedding Reception, Complete with Blue Band

I’ve been half-noticing the past few days that people on Facebook have been posting some sort of video having something to do with the Blue Band and a wedding reception. This morning I got curious enough that I actually watched the video, finally. And I heartily recommend that you do the same—I think it’ll make you smile.

Turns out that two Penn Staters—John Noll ’07 and Joanna Guldin ’08—got married last Saturday in Jonestown, Pa., and at the reception, a line of Blue Band alumni came marching in to play a medley of Penn State fight songs. Better yet, the musicians performing included the bride and groom themselves.

After watching the video—three times!—I Googled the newlyweds and found their wedding page, where I learned that both Noll and Guldin played trumpet in the Blue Band as undergrads. You should take a minute to read the story of how they met and of their courtship, such as it was. My favorite part is their less-than-auspicious first date:

John had mixed up the times for the ice rink, and it was closed. They walked around campus looking [for] and reading the blue historical markers. Some were interesting and some were downright awkward. When they stopped to read a sign talking about Penn State’s research in barnyard animal artificial insemination, they both knew that the date had sunk about as low as it could get.

From what I can tell, about five years elapsed between that first date and their second; it wasn’t until several years after they were out of college that they finally got together. But all’s well that ends well: Now they’re newly married and off on their honeymoon. Best wishes to the happy couple.

Tina Hay, editor

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A Very Penn State Wedding

The bride and bridesmaids on the Old Main porch. Click to see a larger, crisper version.

We’ve written about Penn State weddings before—here, here, and here, for example—but this past weekend was the first time I was actually involved in one.

I had a bit part, really. My brother Chris was the wedding photographer, and I served more or less as assistant photographer—as well as second assistant equipment schlepper.

(Chris’ wife, Paula, was first assistant equipment schlepper; she’s been doing weddings with him for years.)

My brother has all the talent, the experience, and the gear. My role was to fill in the gaps by taking whatever candid shots seemed to present themselves.

It was a Penn State wedding through and through: Both the bride and groom—Cameron Klementik ’07 and Daniel Ertley ’07—are Penn Staters, as are the bride’s parents, Judge David Klementik ’70 and Ruth Whalley Klementik ’70, and so were many of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Over the course of about 12 hours, Chris shot photos at a host of campus spots: the Nittany Lion Inn, the alumni center, Old Main, the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center (where the ceremony was held), the Nittany Lion Shrine, and Beaver Stadium (where the reception was held, in the Mount Nittany Club). We were also scheduled to do shoots at the Obelisk, the Joe Paterno statue outside the stadium, and other spots, but it was rainy and we just plain ran out of time.

If that’s not Penn Statey enough for you, (more…)

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It’s a Nice Day for a Blue and White Wedding

Back in early June, our editor Tina Hay stumbled across a wedding ceremony at the gazebo outside the Hintz Family Alumni Center. The lovely photos of Emily Haworth ’11 and Ben Finch ’10 drew lots of attention—including some from engaged couples who contacted the Alumni Center hoping to book the alumni gardens for their own weddings.

Well, good news and bad news: Weddings aren’t officially permitted on the Hintz lawn (or in the Alumni Center itself), but there are plenty—and we mean plenty—of other spots on campus where lovebirds can tie the knot or hold a reception. A sampling of options:

Tables set for dinner during a wedding reception at the Mt. Nittany Club in Beaver Stadium.

Given Beaver Stadium’s gargantuan size and sentimental appeal, it’s unsurprisingly a popular wedding venue. For receptions, the Mt. Nittany Club is the largest available space in the stadium, seating 176 with a head table and dance floor. The Letterman’s Lounge features high-top tables and leather chairs, suitable for a cocktail reception of about 65 people, with room for a dance floor and buffet table. The President’s Suite, which seats up to 104, is popular for its view of both the field and Mt. Nittany.

When it comes to the ceremony itself, Eisenhower Chapel is an obvious first choice. Thousands of couples have tied the knot at the intimate venue since it was built in (more…)

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A Wedding in the Gazebo

I was minding my own business in my office this afternoon, gnashing my teeth over some copy I’m struggling to write for our July-August issue, while out in the alumni gardens a couple of Penn Staters were getting married.

I was oblivious to the goings-on until my coworker Linda Whitlock, who works upstairs from me in the Hintz Family Alumni Center, popped her head into my office to tell me that a wedding was in progress in the gazebo.

I grabbed my camera, hustled downstairs and out the door, and sure enough, there was a small, informal wedding taking place right there in the gazebo. What a lovely setting, and a beautiful day, for a wedding, even if the choice of a Thursday afternoon may seem a bit odd.

I took some photos of the ceremony from a discreet distance, trying to be unobtrusive. (Well, I did wade into the bushes next to the gazebo at one point in hopes of getting a better angle.) I was hoping the folks in the wedding party wouldn’t mind my presence and chase me away.

After it was over, I introduced myself to everyone; it turns out that the bride and groom are Emily Haworth ’11 and Ben Finch ’10, and they were happy to let me post some photos of their wedding.

In fact, since they didn’t actually have an official photographer for their wedding, they asked if I would mind taking a few photos of all of them. Which, of course, I was happy to do:

The guy in white is local goldsmith Erroll Wilson, who served as the officiant—and made the wedding rings too.

Congrats and good luck to Emily and Ben!

Tina Hay, editor

P.S. One of our most popular blog stories ever is this one, about a snowy New Year’s Eve wedding a few years ago in the same setting.

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The Best of The Penn Stater Blog, 2010

As we wrapped up 2010 and kicked off 2011, we at the Penn Stater blog took a look back at the most popular posts from our second official year in the blogosphere. Check out the five posts that earned the most hits in 2010 and got you, our readers, talking:

1. “A Snowy Penn State Wedding”

On New Year’s Eve 2009, when Tina Hay stumbled across a frigid pre-wedding photo shoot starring bride Kaitlin Infield ’07 and groom Nicholas Bevins ’07 at the Nittany Lion Shrine, the result was one hot blog post—the most popular of 2010, to be exact. Not only were readers impressed by the newlyweds’ PSU dedication, but some even credited the wedding party’s cheers for securing Penn State the Capital One Bowl win vs. the LSU Tigers the next day.

2. “How DO They Get Those Pants So Clean?”

You ever wonder how PSU’s football players keep their uniforms—especially those pristinely white pants—so, well, white? Thanks to senior editor Ryan Jones’ February blog post, thousands of you now know the answer. In a video featuring Kirk Diehl ’96, ’05, the Nittany Lions’ facilities coordinator, we learned that (more…)

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