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Do the Champley-Watson

Photo via USA Fencing

Photo via USA Fencing

Miles Chamley-Watson will compete Friday at the Rio Olympics for the U.S. fencing team in the quarterfinals of the men’s foil. If you watch, pay close attention, because Chamley-Watson may pull off a move that has the fencing community buzzing.


GIF via GoPro

As the former standout for Penn State’s fencing team told The New York Times, the move is called “The Champley-Watson.” The move requires putting your sword behind your head and making contact with your opponent, and it stems from Chamley-Watson’s desire to add some excitement to the sport – he told
the Times that he enjoys hearing the crowd go “ooooooh” when he does this because, “It’s really nice to bring that different type of feeling, a new phase to a sport that’s one of the oldest.” (He’s not all style over substance, of course: In 2013, he became the first American male to win a individual senior world championship.)

His favorite part, though, is how his opponents react to the move: “They’d rather get a yellow card than get embarrassed on live television. I don’t blame them.”

Bill DiFilippo, online editor

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The Penn Stater Daily — April 17, 2014

Space jam: It was a party yesterday afternoon at the HUB for the announcement of the Homecoming 2014 Honorary Grand Marshal. The lucky leader: Michael Paul, director of the Lunar Lion team. We told you all about Lunar Lion’s mission to the moon back in the fall (it was the cover story in our Nov./Dec. 2013 issue), and since then, the team has made huge strides, with 120 students now working on the project.

More than words: Here’s a feel-good story about a Penn State fencer who’s helping promote LGBT equality in college sports. Working with non-profit group Athlete Ally, Heather Nelson wants fellow athletes to understand the power of their words: “It can be hard to be an athlete who isn’t out to their team and be forced to listen to teammates make derogatory comments,” says Nelson. “It can drive you to feel less like you belong and less like a welcome member of the team.” Check out Athlete Ally’s Q&A with Nelson here.

Groovy movie: Well, this is… interesting. Ripped! is a psychedelic, sci-fi, musical film about a British rock group in space. Film profs Rob Bingaman and Maura Shea co-created the film, which premiered last night at the State Theatre. Penn State students and alums make up the entire cast and crew. Trust me — the trailer is worth your 2 minutes and 33 seconds.

Mary Murphy, associate editor

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