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Big Macs and Bio

Where’s the only place at Penn State you can study for finals and snag free refills of sweet iced tea?

McDonald’s—an unlikely study spot, for sure. On the Sunday afternoon before spring finals week, I took a quick walking tour of campus to check out where students were studying. Some of the locations are obvious—all rooms in the library were packed, as was the HUB—but others might surprise you.

My favorite was the three students, studying for a biology exam, who picked the basement of Mickie D’s (which has free WiFi, by the way). They said they actually go there a lot.

Two students, who said they walked around the library and it was simply too packed, ended up in an empty room on the first floor of Willard. Panera and Irvings were also popular, as students filled up on coffee and carbs. It was a nice day—probably the first one all week—so I found a few students laying out picnic blankets outside Old Main. What surprised me the most was that Alumni Hall, on the bottom floor of the HUB-Robeson Center, was wide open with rows of long tables and chairs for students to stop by and study at as they please.

Check out the slideshow below, and comment: Where was your favorite place to study at Penn State?

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-Emily Kaplan, intern

April 30, 2012 at 11:04 am 1 comment

A Morning Run, 324, and a Classic Commericial

On my way into the office Wednesday morning, I walked through Paterno Library, where students and fans and alumni are leaving memories of Joe on Post-It notes, some attached to bulletin boards, others stuck to a Stand-Up Joe.

Among the snippets that stood out:

Waved and asked how I was during my morning run.

You’ve made a proud Paterno Fellow out of me.

” … and all you cool cats.” JoePa at Football Eve 2009.

Joe, I love you. 324.

B10 commercial. Come to Penn State.

The last is my favorite, I’ll admit. The Big Ten Network commercial from a couple of years back is hilarious; it’s Joe at his most deranged. Here’s a YouTube version that’s a little fuzzy. Watch to the end. Enjoy.

Lori Shontz, senior editor

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Anniversary of Betsy Aardsma’s death drawing notice

With the 40th anniversary of the murder in the stacks at Pattee Library approaching, you can expect to see a lot of stories about the still-unsolved case and the victim, Betsy Aardsma. Journalists often use anniversaries as news pegs for stories; that’s what we did in our September/October issue, in which we published a story about the murder investigation and Sasha Skucek ’99, ’07g, an English lecturer and journalist who has been looking into the case.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette weighed in Sunday with this story, in which investigators talk about the crime and how it still resonates after so much time. Said Centre County district attorney Michael Madeira, “It sounds like an urban legend, except it’s real.”

The anniversary is Nov. 28.

Lori Shontz, senior editor

October 26, 2009 at 9:50 am 6 comments

Our Hard-Working Photographer

DSC_0723 sm Bill + Clair

Look for Clair Poletti on our Everyday People page, probably in the Nov-Dec issue.

One of our favorite photographers for the magazine is Bill Cardoni, who lives in the Poconos, or maybe New York City—I’ve never been clear which—and who doesn’t mind traveling here to do shoots for us. We usually try to come up with two different shoots on the same day to make the trip worth his while. Once in a while—like yesterday—he actually has three assignments in a day. Which is a lot, considering not only the travel time but also how much setup and teardown is involved with each shoot.

DSC_0740 sm Bill + ClairRyan Jones, one of our senior editors, thought it would be fun to show up at yesterday’s shoots and take pictures of Bill taking pictures. So here are a couple of shots for you of Bill in action. The one above is from the first shoot of the day—it’s Clair Poletti, who is in charge of Penn State’s film office and who will be profiled on our Everyday People page in an upcoming issue (most likely November-December). Clair basically is the liaison to anyone who wants to film on campus, whether for a Hollywood movie, a Discovery Channel documentary, or whatever.

DSC_0623 sm Bill + Nikki

Nikki Greene will probably lead off our Sports section in Nov-Dec.

The second photo above is also from the Clair Poletti shoot.

Bill’s next assignment was across campus at the Jordan Center—the subject was Nikki Greene, a highly touted freshman on the Lady Lion basketball team. She’ll be the athlete profile that leads off our Sports section, most likely in the November-December issue.

(The Nikki Greene shoot was taking place at almost exactly the same time that Lady Lion head coach Coquese Washington was giving birth to her new daughter, Rhaiyna.)

DSC_0613 sm Bill + Nikki

Nikki checking Bill's work.

And the third shoot was back here at the alumni center and involved Sascha Skucek ’99, ’07g, whom you’ve probably never heard of, but who is a very interesting guy. He’s a lecturer in the English department who has spent quite a bit of time and energy in the past 10 years or so trying to help solve the murder of Betsy Aardsma, the grad student who was stabbed to death in the stacks in Pattee in November 1969. With the 40th anniversary of Aardsma’s death approaching, we’ve got a feature article in the September-October issue on the subject, and Sascha’s efforts play a big role in that story. He’s in the final photo, below.

DSC_0761 sm Bill + Sascha

Sascha Skucek plays a role in a feature in Sept-Oct, on the ongoing attempts to solve the murder of Betsy Aardsma.

By the way, if you visit Cardoni’s Web site and click on some of the links—like Portrait I, Portrait II, and Print—you’ll see quite a few photos you recognize, from past issues of The Penn Stater, as well as shoots he’s done for Philadelphia Magazine and others.

As always, if you click on any of these photos, you can see a bigger version.

Tina Hay, editor

July 24, 2009 at 1:34 pm 1 comment

A Peek at the Blockson Collection

As prep for a photo essay we’re planning, a couple of us took a field trip to the Charles L. Blockson Collection at Pattee Library the other day. Blockson ’56 H&HD has collected hundreds of thousands of

Sculptures in the collection. Photo by Carole Otypka.

Sculptures in the collection. Photo by Carole Otypka.

items documenting African-American history and the African Diaspora, and he’s donated more than 10,000 of them to Penn State. (He’s also given about 500,000 items to Temple University’s libraries.)

The Blockson collection at Penn State includes books spanning the past 400 years … sculpture … “ephemera” such as postcards and matchbook covers … sheet music. One of the most recent, and most heartbreaking, donations was a set of slave shackles.

Look for our photo essay in the Jan./Feb. issue.

Chas Brua, contributing editor

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Treasures on View

Charles Blockson ’56 H&HD has made it his life’s mission to document the history of African-Americans. And he’s been very generous with his historical treasures: more than 500,000 items donated to Temple University’s libraries … more than 10,000 volumes donated to Penn State’s Charles L. Blockson Collection … countless hours spent teaching and speaking to groups.

Cover by Romaire Bearden, from the Blockson Collection

Cover illustration by Romare Bearden, from the Blockson Collection

Friday’s Centre Daily Times spotlights an exhibit, curated by Pia Deas ’04g, that offers a glimpse into the collection Blockson gave to Penn State. The exhibit will be on display in Pattee Library’s Diversity Studies Room (109 Pattee) until March 2. (For information about visiting the larger Blockson Collection, call 814-865-1793.)

Blockson will also be speaking at an Alumni Association “City Lights” event in Philadelphia this coming Thursday, Feb. 12. He’ll be talking about “African American History, Above Ground and Underground in Philadelphia” at the Independence Seaport Museum.

Chas Brua, contributing editor

February 6, 2009 at 7:10 pm 1 comment

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