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Fun! Games! and Prizes! at the Library


Libraries get a bad rap. With the ability to have the entire world of information right at their fingertips, there are plenty of people who view libraries as old and outdated. Of course, libraries are a spectacular resource, especially for college students. In an attempt to make sure those students know it, the Penn State Libraries held their 14th annual Open House this week.

The open house was designed to get students inside the library, and there were seven stations around Pattee and Paterno libraries meant to show students how various areas of the library can help them with just about anything:

  1. Research Jumpstart
  2. Stacks Tour
  3. Knowledge Commons and Media Commons
  4. Arts and Humanities Library and News and Microforms Library
  5. Life Sciences Library
  6. Research Hub
  7. Special Collections Library

These stops featured a brief speech from a librarian about what was in each area, as well as examples to help students understand what they can glean from being there. For example, students could make origami at the Arts and Humanities library, go through an art exhibit at the Special Collections library, and, at the Life Sciences library, walk through a maze which taught them about the size of the university’s library system.

The best part? There were incentives to complete the tour. Students scanned their ID cards at every station, and at the end, they could enter to win prizes—like Apple Watches and Fitbits—and were guaranteed cool free gear, like temporary tattoos and water bottles. Those who made every stop got a free T-shirt.

“Each stop that [students] go to gives them some information about the library and how to use it,” said Sandy Hoffmaster, a library supervisor.

In all, the tour didn’t take long—I rushed through it in about 20 minutes. Even though I spent a fair amount of time there as a student, I can safely say I learned more about Penn State—did you know there was a time when an African lion was the mascot? I had no idea—and its spectacular library system.

Bill DiFilippo, online editor

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A Morning Run, 324, and a Classic Commericial

On my way into the office Wednesday morning, I walked through Paterno Library, where students and fans and alumni are leaving memories of Joe on Post-It notes, some attached to bulletin boards, others stuck to a Stand-Up Joe.

Among the snippets that stood out:

Waved and asked how I was during my morning run.

You’ve made a proud Paterno Fellow out of me.

” … and all you cool cats.” JoePa at Football Eve 2009.

Joe, I love you. 324.

B10 commercial. Come to Penn State.

The last is my favorite, I’ll admit. The Big Ten Network commercial from a couple of years back is hilarious; it’s Joe at his most deranged. Here’s a YouTube version that’s a little fuzzy. Watch to the end. Enjoy.

Lori Shontz, senior editor

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