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The Penn Stater Daily — Sept. 25, 2013

There’s one story about the university dominating the media this morning: The NCAA’s decision to ease the sanctions against Penn State, namely by restoring scholarships sooner than planned. Here are some worthwhile reads we’ve found:

Best detail: Most of the coverage has focused on reactions to the NCAA’s decision. But Mike Dawson ’02 is the only one who wrote about exactly what Penn State did that convinced Sen. George Mitchell to recommend to the NCAA that some scholarships be restored. (He’s got a particularly complete overall story, too.)

Behind the scenes: Don’t underestimate the role that the Big Ten, particularly its powerful commissioner, Jim Delany, played in this decision. This piece from Pete Thamel and Thayer Evans of Sports Illustrated, who were covering a meeting of NCAA Division I athletic directors, provides some insight.

NCAA feeling pressure: Nationally, the story was less “Penn State gets scholarships back” and more “Embattled NCAA realizes it overreached.” Among the standout columns: Pat Forde of Yahoo, Ivan Maisel of, and Dana O’Neil ’90 of

Victim advocates: Jeff Franz ’04 of the Harrisburg Patriot-News checked in with two advocates for abused children: Delilah Rumburg, CEO of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, and Cathleen Palm, of the Protect Our Children Committee. They agreed with the decision.

The other side: While most of the coverage has praised the decision, there are a few dissenters. One is Christine Brennan of USA Today, who’s been highly critical of Penn State since the story broke; another is Seth Gruen of the Chicago Sun-Times.

The student perspective: Anna Orso, one of the Collegian‘s football writers, gives credit to Rod Erickson, whom she covered as an administration reporter, and Bill DiFillippo of Onward State analyzes the team’s scholarship and personnel situation through the 2016-17 season, when the full 85 scholarships will be restored.

Did we miss any pieces you found that are beautifully written? Particularly enlightening? Let us know in the comments.

Lori Shontz, senior editor

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Trying to Find Teaching Moments

After a night of wandering downtown State College and campus, sadly reporting on the riots that followed the firing of Joe Paterno (the resignation of president Graham Spanier didn’t seem to be on anyone’s mind), I got up this morning, and I went to class.

Mike Poorman ’82 developed and teaches COMM 497G, “Joe Paterno: Communications and the Media,” and this semester’s section conveniently meets Thursday mornings at 9:45. I sat in the back row, a few seats a way from a couple of current football players who are enrolled in the class, and listened to two of sports journalism’s best, Joe Posnanski of Sports Illustrated and Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports, speak about how the media has covered the sexual abuse charges against former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky ’66, ’71g, the perjury charges against athletic director Tim Curley ’76, ’78g and acting vice president Gary Schultz ’71, ’75g, and the ensuing events.

Said Posnanski, who’s been living in town to write a biography of Paterno, “I’ve never been around a story that has changed as fast as this one.”

Said Forde, who parachuted in after the LSU–Alabama game last weekend to jump on the story, “I packed for two days and this is Day 4, with Days 5 and 6 to come. I might be running around here in gym shorts soon.”

The students asked good questions, including (more…)

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