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Meet Our New Intern, Mindy Szkaradnik

Before I became a Penn State student, for as long as I can remember, I came to State College with my family for just about every home football game.

That sounds really cooland it was—but it came with some challenges, especially when I was in high school. I remember getting in the car after school dances on Friday nights and driving 180 miles straight to State College. One time, I even had to take the PSAT at State College High School on a Saturday morning before a game. As you can tell, we were really dedicated.

When we would visit Penn State, my parents, both Penn State graduates, would  tell my sister Amber and me stories about when they were students. They loved to tell us about the late nights they spent studying at the library. As we got older, the real stories came out and we realized they really meant dancing at the Shandygaff.

The Penn State stories didn’t just come from my parents. I’m the 12th member of my extended family to attend this university, and my sister is now the 13th. Of course, that means there was never a shortage of people to tell me all about Penn State, from classes to roommates to intramural sports. I loved hearing about it as a kid.

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Finally, as a Penn State student, I’ve been able to start making my own stories.

three years that I’ve spent here have exceeded my expectations, and I promise you they were high. As a student, I’ve gotten the chance to work for The Daily Collegian, study abroad in Granada, Spain, meet the best friends I could ask for and, now, go to school with my sister.

This summer is a special time for my Penn State career and the Szkaradnik family (especially for my parents, who seem a little too excited to be empty nesters). Amber started in the Learning Edge Academic Program (LEAP) a couple of weeks ago. Actually being at school with my sister making our own memories is a really fun opportunity.

Now that I’ve spent three years here, I’m starting to get chances to tell my own Penn State stories. This summer I’m giving campus tours to prospective students. Though it’s an awesome job, it can be challenging. If you’ve ever taken a tour at Penn State, you know the guides walk backward the whole time. In typical me fashion, I fell while giving my first tour.

But I think this is one of the best jobs a Penn Stater could have. I get paid to walk around campus all day and tell potential students why I love Penn State. I really enjoy talking about Ritner Hall, my freshman dorm,and taking the students into the Thomas Building, where I had my first class as a student. My favorite thing to talk about on tours, though, is my family. I love getting to tell people that my parents met here and that they still love Penn State just as much as I do.

Now as The Penn Stater’s intern, I get to tell more Penn State stories. I know how much Penn State alumni love stories about their alma mater, so that’s why I hope I can keep you all up to date even if you’re miles away.

I’ve seen this university go through waves of changes. There have been ups and downs, but its finally starting to seem like Penn State is in a new era. We have a new president, a new football coach and even a plan for a new general education system. I’m excited to see where Penn State is going now that it seems like we’ve gotten through a few tough years.

I hope that you’ll follow along with me this summer as I keep you updated about our ever-changing university.

Mindy Szkaradnik, intern

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The Penn Stater Daily — Nov. 15, 2013

Let’s just call this the way-to-go student media edition. I’ve had a lot to read this morning, thanks to some talented writers at the Collegian and Onward State:

Counseling conundrum: That’s the headline on a chart that appears with a Collegian story about CAPS, the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, which was nicely reported by Mindy Szkaradnik. The conundrum: CAPS helps a lot of students, but by the middle of the semester, so many students are asking for help that the center has to refer as many as a third of the students elsewhere. This is the kind of reporting I love to see from a student publication—it’s a serious issue that affects students directly. Important work by the Collegian.

52857b21be95f.imageMiraculous recovery: The cover story of the Collegian‘s pregame magazine for Saturday’s game against Purdue tells the incredible tale of defensive lineman Kyle Baublitz, who suffered a stroke when he was 14. John Stuetz digs into the details of what happened and uncovers this this unbelievable fact: The doctors don’t know why he recovered. They did find a hole in his heart, and Baublitz had surgery in 2006 to correct it. “God gave me the gift to go on and play for Penn State,” Baublitz said. “And that’s amazing.” Sure is.

Broken iPhone? No problem: Mara Kern continues in the Onward State tradition of finding fascinating people on campus with a piece on Mac Frederick, who is the go-to guy for fixing dropped iPhones. Frederick is a senior majoring in advertising, business, and—no surprise—entrepreneurship. This guy meets students at their convenience and promises the phone will be fixed in 30 minutes. Geez, lots of times I can’t even get a pizza delivered that fast.

Penn State Love Stories: As someone who met my spouse at Penn State—although well after we both graduated—I’ve been enjoying the stories that Onward State’s Julia Kern has collected about other couples with a Penn State love connection. Here’s the seventh in her series, which appears every Friday. They’re still taking submissions, too, so tell your own story.

Busy weekend: Yeah, there’s a football game against Purdue at noon Saturday. But that’s just for starters. The annual Bandorama, where you can hear the Blue Band and Symphonic Band play, starts at 7 tonight in Eisenhower Auditorium. The women’s soccer team, a four seed, opens NCAA tournament play at 7:30 tonight against Monmouth at Jeffrey Field. Saturday afternoon, the field hockey team takes on defending national champ Princeton in the NCAA first round. The women’s basketball team  takes on perennial power Connecticut at noon Sunday in the Jordan Center. As senior guard Maggie Lucas says, “When you think of women’s basketball, you think UConn.” And if you’re getting your weekend off to an early start, you can check out the men’s soccer team in the Big Ten semifinals vs. Indiana, live on the Big Ten network at noon.

Lori Shontz, senior editor

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