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Another Cameo by ‘Forrest Grier’

Remember the July/August 2011 issue featuring Rosey Grier ’56 H&HD?

The cover shot was a play on Rosey’s Forrest Gump-like ubiquity in American history. From a friend to Jackie and Robert Kennedy in the 1960s, to a frequent guest star in ’70s sitcoms, to a player in the O.J. Simpson trial in the mid-’90s, Rosey just seems to pop up everywhere.

So it shouldn’t have surprised me, really, when Rosey’s name surfaced in a Wired magazine feature I read yesterday afternoon. The story explains the unlikely way the CIA helped smuggle six American embassy workers out of Iran in 1980. The plan was fascinatingly elaborate; the Americans were disguised as a Canadian film crew for a fictional production company, supposedly scouting out locations in Tehran for a fake sci-fi flick. It’s the true story behind Ben Affleck’s new movie, Argo, which opens today.

Where does Rosey Grier fit in? Well, the escape plan was so detailed that the fake movie required a real script. A Hollywood makeup artist hired by the CIA suggested a project he’d been approached about months earlier — a big-budget adaptation of a zany fantasy novel called Lord of Light, complete with robots, spaceships, and levitating cars. One of the film’s prospective stars: Rosey Grier.

The real movie fizzled out during the production stage in 1979, but the script, with its painstakingly detailed scenes and concept drawings, was a perfect candidate for the CIA’s ruse.

Makes me wonder if Rosey’s name comes up in Argo. Planning to see the movie this weekend? Let us know if Rosey gets a mention at

Mary Murphy, associate editor

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Jon Woods is Ready for his Finale

When we profiled Jon Woods ’66g in our July/August issue, we had no idea that the Ohio State marching band director was about to retire. The university announced over the weekend that this season will be Woods’ last in charge of the self-proclaimed “Best Damn Band in the Land.” Woods, 72, has directed the OSU band for 25 years, making him the longest-tenured director in the program’s history. He’ll lead the band for the final time at Ohio Stadium on Nov. 19, when the Buckeyes close their home schedule against the Nittany Lions.

Ryan Jones, senior editor

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Meet Joe Jonas’ Right-Hand Man

Alumni Association members should be getting their copies of our July/August issue any day now. We’ve got a terrific cover story on Rosey Grier ’56 that includes a sidebar on other former Nittany Lions with interesting post-football careers. Among them is Jason Ganter ’07, a former safety and kick holder (and son of ex-player and coach Fran Ganter ’71) who essentially stumbled into his gig as right-hand man to Joe Jonas, frontman of the platinum-selling (and swoon-inducing) Jonas Brothers.


It’s a long story. We’ll let Jason tell it.

“Phil McIntyre, the manager of the Jonas Brothers, is from State College—he grew up with my older brothers. About 10 years ago, right before he was about to start at Penn State, he was working at the Jordan Center as a runner. Britney Spears’ tour came to town for a couple of days, and he busted his butt and impressed the right guy—Britney’s manager said, ‘We’d love to have you come on tour with us.’

“After two years of that, he wanted to try managing on his own. He signed a couple of small bands, and then one night when they were in New York, he heard about these three brothers. He heard them sing, walked out, called his mom and said, ‘I found the new Beatles.’ (more…)

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