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E.J. Montini on a Death at Mount Everest

E.J. Montini ’76 of the Arizona Republic often writes some touching human-interest stories, and he has one in today’s paper about a young man, 20 years old, who died of altitude sickness on Mount Everest two weeks ago—and about the boy’s grieving mother back in Arizona.

Tina Hay, editor


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A Father’s Loss, Confirmed

E.J. Montini ’76, who writes for the Arizona Republic, has an interesting and poignant piece in today’s edition about a father’s search for the wreckage of his daughter’s airplane. The small plane on which Marcy Randolph, 43, was a passenger went missing near Sedona in September of 2006, and the official search was called off about a month later. But Marcy’s father, Phil Randolph, never gave up, and about 10 days ago he finally found the wreckage.

A sweet, sad tale.

Tina Hay, editor

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A Politician’s Best Friend


E.J. Montini ’76 of the Arizona Republic

While cleaning out my office this weekend in anticipation of getting new carpet installed, I weeded some of the many piles of paper that clutter my shelves and my floor. One little gem I found was a note to myself that E.J. Montini, a writer for the Arizona Republic, is a Penn State grad (journalism, class of 1976). I apparently knew that at one time, but must have forgotten.

(See? It just goes to show you: Never throw anything out.)

I set a Google Alert to his name, so I can keep up with what he’s doing. And already here’s a nice little hit: a piece he wrote for today’s edition about dogs—it’s partly about the Obama family’s new dog Bo and partly a sweet reminiscence of a dog named Lucky from E.J.’s own childhood.

Tina Hay, editor

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