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The Penn Stater Daily — April 30, 2014

Senior columns: It’s a time-honored student journalism tradition: the senior column. Back in the olden days, when I was at the Collegian, only a select handful—the editor, the managing editor—got space for some final words. The number of senior columns have proliferated, but I always make a point of reading them all. (And, truth be told, being glad I wasn’t high enough up on the masthead to have written one.) One of today’s offerings particularly moved me–it’s by Dan Norton of The Daily Collegian, and it’s worth a few minutes of your time.

Franklin mentioned in court filing: Defense attorneys for a former Vanderbilt football player accused of rape filed court papers Tuesday alleging that the prosecution hasn’t turned over information in a timely fashion, and the filing included two references to James Franklin, who was coach at Vanderbilt t the time. The lawyers allege that Franklin and strength coach Dwight Galt (also now at Penn State) contacted the alleged victim. Here’s the original story from The Tennessean in Nashville, and here’s more local coverage from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which includes a statement from Franklin saying he hasn’t done anything wrong.

David Hughes update: You may have read our September/October issue piece on David Hughes, assistant professor of entomology and biology—and zombie ant expert. A team he leads recently received a $1.8 million National Science Foundation grant to explore whether there are insights to be gleaned from studying ants, which live in communities as humans do, that can be applied to understanding how diseases spread among humans.

You know you’ve wondered: As my colleague Ryan Jones pointed out the other day, the lawn and pond outside our office are populated with adorable little baby ducks. But there are other duck issues, as well, which Onward State’s Sarah Hanrahan does a little digging to figure out, as the headline puts it, “Where the Lady Ducks At?” Turns out there’s a reason most of the ducks hanging around are male.

Lori Shontz, senior editor


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The Penn Stater Daily — April 28, 2014

DSC_0163 copyCute alert: Here’s your annual, adorable reminder that springtime has returned to Happy Valley.

These recently hatched ducklings are four of a few dozen who are stumbling about and charming visitors outside the Hintz Family Alumni Center. If you have a chance to swing by the duck pond before they get too big, we highly recommend it. Just don’t feed them any bread — it’s bad for the little guys — and keep an eye out for stragglers who might have fallen down grates, as seems to happen a few times every year. Thankfully, our friends from OPP — or, as I saw this weekend, a group of students who took it upon themselves to lift off grate covers and rescue one duckling themselves — are generally around to save the day.

Big man on campus(es): President Eric Barron spent part of his Saturday speaking to the Council of Commonwealth Student Governments, where he revealed he’s already traveled to about half of Penn State’s campuses as he works to familiarize himself with issues across the university system. Onward State has more.

Calling different signals: Over at, Mike Poorman ’82 writes about two former Nittany Lion quarterbacks at very different points in their NFL careers. There’s Michael Robinson ’04, ’06, a Super Bowl winner this year with the Seattle Seahawks, who is moving into broadcasting (and even occasional soap opera cameos) as his playing career appears likely to be over. And there’s Matt McGloin ’12, the former walk-on who emerged as an unlikely NFL starter last season, and who believes his NFL career is just beginning.

Sunday on the sidewalk with Herb: The State College weather Sunday afternoon was perfect for all sorts of things, among them: wandering around State College for a few hours eating pizza with assistant football coach Herb Hand. That’s just what about 180 folks did on the inaugural Herb Hand Pizza Crawl, organized by Onward State and benefiting Uplifting Athletes and Bands4RAINN. The Daily Collegian has the coverage, presumably because all the OS staffers (as well as yours truly) were too busy walking and eating pizza.

Ryan Jones, senior editor

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The Penn Stater Daily — Jan. 3, 2014

Brrrrr: Good day from Happy Valley, where it was 5 degrees when I got up to shovel my driveway this morning. Then I got to work and saw these guys hanging out in front of the Hintz Family Alumni Center. Guess I shouldn’t complain about the cold.


Stay warm out there, people.

The search is on: Pretty much all the news today focuses on Bill O’Brien’s departure and the search for a new head football coach. The majority of coverage among media who actually cover the Nittany Lions has been understanding of O’Brien’s decision, even as they acknowledge why the manner of his leaving has upset some. On this, I like the perspective of my friend Michael Weinreb ’94, writing for Sports on Earth.

Elsewhere, ESPN has a roundup of Twitter reaction from current and former players, as well as some recruits, that’s interesting to peruse. One future Lion, defensive back Marcus Allen of Maryland, is already endearing himself to Penn State fans, per this post on Lions 247:

“I’ve come to realize over the past 48 hours that Penn State isn’t a person. It’s a spirit and an idea. It’s the fans and the players and the coaches and the people who live in State College. The feeling I get when I visit State College isn’t due to one person, but my experience with everyone I have come in contact with. I feel truly blessed and humbled to be mentioned in the same sentence with Penn State Football. Thank you all for accepting me into the PSU family. Coach Johnson has shown me through this that a team player works hard and stays the course through adversity. I’ve learned a new life lesson before I even stepped foot on campus. WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Coach Johnson: That’s Larry Johnson, of course, the Lions’ long-time defensive line coach, who has been named interim head coach. The program posted a video message from Johnson on Facebook, and while it’s not clear whether Johnson is a candidate for the full-time job, a number of former players are rooting loudly for him to be considered. Short-term, Johnson’s biggest task is keeping Penn State’s 2014 recruits committed to the program.

Good luck, ARob: Whoever the Lions’ next head coach is, they’ll be without one of the best receivers in program history. On Thursday, Allen Robinson announced he’d bypass his senior season to enter this year’s NFL draft. We’ll miss him, but look forward to seeing him make big plays on Sundays.

Ryan Jones, senior editor

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