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‘Amy’s Story’ Still Being Told

Every month or so, our staff meets to kick around story ideas for upcoming issues. And from the very first meeting I attended after I started here in February 2009, one of the items that repeatedly came up was a documentary titled Telling Amy’s Story.

It tells the story of Amy Homan McGee ’91a, who was murdered by her husband in their State College home. My colleagues had seen it in a division meeting well before I started here, and they kept talking about how powerful it was. I didn’t doubt them, but I wasn’t exactly sure what they meant. All domestic violence stories, I thought, are chilling. I didn’t see how this would be much different.

Then we got a copy of the documentary, and I took it home to watch one night.


Telling Amy’s Story is the story of Amy McGee, of course. But it’s also the story of State College police detective Deirdri Fishel, who was part of a committee that reviewed homicides to see if anything could have prevented the crimes. She spent months making a timeline with everything that had happened to McGee over the previous decade. Then, angry at (more…)

October 29, 2010 at 4:32 pm 1 comment

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