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The Penn Stater Daily—March 27, 2014

Reforming gen eds: One of the interesting initiatives going on here is a look at general education requirements to, as Kevin Horne of Onward State puts it, increase “the rigor, meaning and scope” of options. Among the suggestions: fewer credits concentrated in a themed area. The Onward State story is worth a read, as is this blog post by Christopher Long, associate dean of The College of Liberal Arts, who chairs one of seven task forces looking at the issue.

Help for caregivers: Here’s the takeaway from the latest study by distinguished professor Steven Zarit: Caregivers for family members with dementia need to take care of themselves, and one way to do that is to put their loved ones in adult day care. The study showed that doing so increases the level of a beneficial stress hormone, DHEA-S, which in turn controls cortisol and results in better-long term health. That’s important because the  caregivers have a higher risk of illness. This is among the study, Zarit says, to show the biological benefits to having help.

Watch your portion size: New research from Barbara Rolls, professor of nutritional science and author of the popular Volumetrics diet, shows that when cereal flakes are smaller, people pour less into their bowls–but still consume more calories. “People have a really hard time judging appropriate portions,” she says in this news release. Now I’m worrying about my breakfast cereal of choice—Cheerios, which are awfully tiny.

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The Penn Stater Daily — Nov. 1, 2013

The Godfather: The big story on the front page of today’s Collegian is a profile of women’s volleyball coach Russ Rose, who in addition to being a terrific coach is just an entertaining character. Which is why my favorite quote in the piece by Zach Neiner is the one at the end from assistant coach Steve Aird: “Penn State has let Russ be Russ, which has translated into him having the best program in the country.” The Nittany Lions have a big rematch this weekend against Big Ten foe Michigan State, which beat them in five sets in the conference opener. This match is on the road and follows a Friday match-up with Michigan.

Nice photo of John Urschel by Joe Hermitt of The Patriot-News.

Nice photo of John Urschel by Joe Hermitt of The Patriot-News.

Another Day, Another Honor: This is a prestigious one for offensive guard/math whiz John Urschel ’12, ’13g: as a National Football Foundation scholar-athlete, he’ll receive an $18,000 scholarship for post-graduate studies. Which should help on the way to a possible Ph.D. in math … as will his most recently scholarly publication, “A Space-Time Multigrid Method for the Numerical Valuation of Barrier Options.”

The Hayride Saga: We had no idea that hayrides had become a popular part of the fall social scene around here until one of our interns pitched a story on them. Just our luck, right at the time, this turned from a fun story into a more serious one—the owner of Nittany Mountain Trail Rides suspended hayrides after several alcohol-related incidents. The latest, from Onwrad State: The hayrides are back on, but they are now alcohol-free (even if students are 21 or older), and they’re being held at a church camp near Milroy, Pa.

Oh, those Gen Eds: I’ll admit it: For one of my science gen ed requirements, I took the infamous “Rocks for Jocks.” But my art history class turned me into someone who can happily spend all day in a museum, someone who appreciates not just the beauty of the exhibits, but the intellectual and aesthetic theories of the artists. And COMM 150, The Art of the Cinema, has made me a more intelligent consumer of the movies. (That said, when my brother and I happened to take the class the same semester, our dad wasn’t thrilled: “I paid for six credits of movie watching?!?”) Those perspectives—and more—were apparent Thursday when faculty gathered to discuss the future of general education. The Collegian’s piece gives a broad overview of the issues, and this Storify put together by Christopher Dean, associate dean for the College of the Liberal Arts, gives you a sense for how faculty reacted on social media. It’s really interesting.

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