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Here Comes the Baton-Twirling Bride

It’s not uncommon for us to see weddings with a Penn State twist, but this is a new one. A former trumpet player in the Blue Band (Adam Dennis ’10) and a former Touch of Blue member (Kelly Rohrer ’11) tied the knot over the weekend.

Prior to the reception, Kelly organized a “pregame performance” in which she and other ex-majorette line members did a baton routine. To keep with the Penn State theme, the group set its performance to “Hail To the Lion”.

We don’t know if this wedding had something old, new, or borrowed, but based on this, we know that it had something blue (and white).

Bill DiFilippo, online editor

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Mr. Walker’s Opus

Thursday night’s basketball game at the Bryce Jordan Center was great for bevy of reasons. One was that Penn State took down Nebraska in a thrilling game to move to 15-13 on the year, and with a 6-9 mark in conference play, the Nittany Lions have tied for the most Big Ten wins in a season during Pat Chambers’ tenure.

But the coolest moment actually came after the game when the Blue Band performed the Alma Mater with special guest conductor Ray Walker ’35. At 104 years old, Walker is believed to be Penn State’s oldest living alumnus.

Walker was introduced to the crowd while sitting in his seat during a time-out in the first half. Later, after the final buzzer of the game, he made his way down to the floor to conduct the band. Per usual, the band’s performance was great, but we have to think that Walker stole the show.

Bill DiFilippo, online editor

February 26, 2016 at 1:36 pm 1 comment

Penn State’s Partners in Music

Tonight, my family and I will head over to a local elementary school for one of those parental rites of passage: our son’s school band concert. What makes this one different (and maybe even unique) is how Penn State professors are involved in polishing the far-from-perfect sounds of our son and his fellow fifth graders.

“Partners is Music” is a collaborative effort between Penn State music educators and State College area schools, through which members of the various elementary school bands come together each fall to prepare for a joint concert. That’s why, each Wednesday for the past six weeks, I’ve been dropping off my trumpet-toting kid at the Blue Band building for rehearsals before the sun has even cleared Mount Nittany. Those early mornings haven’t been easy, but we’re excited to see the payoff tonight.

As parents, it’s hardly the first time we’ve seen all the ways the university enriches the local community. From Penn State student teachers in our kids’ classrooms, former Nittany Lion football players teaching their gym classes, or just typically talented students helping out with extracurricular activities of all sorts, it’s another reminder that we’re lucky to be here.

Ryan Jones, senior editor

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The Penn Stater Daily — Nov. 18, 2013

He just won, baby: In case you somehow missed it, Matt McGloin ’12 started his first NFL game on Sunday. To be more specific: An NFL rookie who wasn’t offered a Division I scholarship and wasn’t drafted out of college started—and won—in his NFL debut. He wasn’t Peyton Manning, but for a rookie starting on the road, McGloin was nonetheless terrific, completing 18 of 32 passes for 197 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions. Most importantly, he led the Raiders to a 28-23 win.

Matthew McGloinFor more, here are game highlights and video from McGloin’s postgame press conference, and good stuff from one Bay Area columnist who celebrates McGloin as “the never-chosen one” who once again excelled in the face of the doubters. Good for him.

And a lot more sports: McGloin’s replacement Christian Hackenberg passed for 212 yards and a couple of TDs and got lots of help from a potent running game as the Nittany Lions beat Purdue(more…)

November 18, 2013 at 11:27 am 1 comment

The Penn Stater Daily — Oct. 30, 2013

It’s a big, big morning for news about Penn State:

New president to be named: The Board of Trustees will meet at 10:15 a.m. Friday at the Nittany Lion Inn to discuss what this legal notice calls “a personnel matter.” There’s only one “personnel matter” that requires this kind of preparation and special meeting—the naming of a new president. According to this story in the Centre Daily Times, which published the paid legal notice, there are also executive sessions of the board at 7 p.m. Thursday and 8:30 p.m. Friday. Stay tuned. Obviously, news around here doesn’t get any bigger than this.

Paterno family, et. al., vs. NCAA: The next step in the legal process occurred Tuesday, when NCAA attorneys argued that none of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit challenging the NCAA sanctions filed by the Paterno family, various trustees, faculty members, former coaches, and lettermen have standing to sue the organization. It’s a complicated case; Senior Judge John Leete said, according to this story from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, that the case has “more citations than any case I’ve seen in 26 years.” You can tell how complicated it was by the different ways reporters wrote their stories. Paul Kelly, a lawyer for the Paterno family, told the story of how the vacated wins, particularly harmed lettermen; the tale of one of the lettermen’s sons is laid out in this CDT story by Mike Dawson ’02. Peter Hall of The Morning Call in Allentown wrote a piece that focuses more on the NCAA’s argument, that Penn State president Rod Erickson accepted the sanctions to avoid worse penalties and that the judge can’t invalidate the sanctions without giving the university a chance to weigh in. Leete did not indicate when he would announce a ruling.

This Daily Collegian photograph shows the game --- and the Lion --- from the band's perspective.

This Daily Collegian photograph shows the game — and the Lion — from the band’s perspective.

On a lighter note: A Collegian reporter tagged along on the Blue Band’s trip to Ohio State over the weekend and filed this report in Tuesday’s paper. I absolutely loved the story of the sousaphone player who was so overcome for her first pregame in Beaver Stadium that she couldn’t play her instrument—she was crying that hard. But she marched—and as the band members explain to the reporter, that’s what counts. A fun piece.

Finally. It’s time for wrestling season: During the wrestling team’s preseason media day Tuesday, coach Cael Sanderson said, “For the most part I don’t think we really have many guys…if any, that are completely satisfied with the way things ended even last year,” Sanderson said. “There’s a lot of motivation for our guys.” Quick review: Last season the wrestlers won their third consecutive NCAA title, put five wrestlers in the NCAA finals, and had two undefeated NCAA champions. That kind of attitude, I think, goes a lot way toward showing why the wrestlers have excelled recently. For insight into Penn State’s two biggest names, two-time defending NCAA champ Ed Ruth and three-time finalist, one-time champ David Taylor, check out this column from Tim Owen ’11, who consistently delivers some of the best insight into the wrestling program. And if all of this makes you want to watch a match, you’re in luck: Rec Hall is basically sold out, but there are still tickets available for the Dec. 8 match against Pitt in the Bryce Jordan Center.

Lori Shontz, senior editor

October 30, 2013 at 10:20 am 1 comment

The Penn Stater Daily — Oct. 11, 2013

Yeah, it’s raining. The Campus Weather Service just tweeted about a new record for daily rainfall. But it’s still a pleasant day around here—it’s the start of Homecoming weekend. There are already students staking out their positions on College Avenue for the Homecoming parade, and there was a Berkey Creamery truck parked here at the Hintz Family Alumni Center when I walked in this morning, so it looks like we’ll be well-stocked for this afternoon’s ice cream social. Stop by!

And in the meantime, check out these stories to get you in a Penn State mood:

It’s a wedding night—er, hockey night—in State College: My favorite one-liner in the buildup to the opening of the Pegula Ice Arena comes from Terry Pegula himself, who apparently hasn’t been inside the arena. Joe Battista ’83, the director of hockey operations, says Pegula ’73 explains it like this: “Why spoil it? I’ll wait for the wedding night.” All the pieces are in place, with Army getting the all-clear to travel despite the government shutdown for tonight’s sold-out opener. If Pegula—or anyone reading—needs a little help getting his bearing on the first trip to the building, this infographic from the Centre Daily Times is terrific.

A silent leader, and a must-read: You’ve got to check out this profile of defensive tackle DaQuan Jones, which is one of the nicest pieces I’ve read about a Penn State football player in a while. The author: Collegian writer Anna Orso, who got Jones to open up about how he took care of his siblings while their mother was in jail and about an unusual path to Penn State—and becoming a leader for the Lions, who of course play Michigan at 5 p.m. Saturday in what is shaping up as the season’s first sellout.

Flipping out: How does Blue Band drum major Chris Siergiej practice the flip? Only after 800 milligrams of ibuprofen, and only early in the week. You don’t want to pound your legs too much before the big game. Learn more about this and other tidbits about life as the drum major in this Q&A with Schreyer Honors College intern Julia Kern.

Virtual Homecoming: If you’re not coming to town, you can still experience the Homecoming parade. For the ninth consecutive year, students from the College of Communications are producing a live webcast. Tune in here at 6 p.m. And click here to read about the students in COMM 383A, Webcast Production, and the faculty member, Maria Cabrera-Baukus.

Lori Shontz, senior editor

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