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The Penn Stater Daily — April 21, 2014

Smile, you’re in Beaver Stadium: Security is a major priority in the second-largest stadium in North America, and as our buddy Bill DiFilippo writes in today’s CDT, that means lots and lots and lots of cameras in the most prominent building on campus. Penn State’s director of physical security, Scotty Eble, says there are “approximately” 63 cameras in the stadium, a number he says is “constantly changing.” That of course doesn’t count the 100,000 or so phones and handhelds in the building seven Saturdays each fall.

The winds (and drought, and flooding…) of war: Retired Navy Rear Admiral David Titley arrived on campus last fall to direct the Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk, and as this story from Slate reinforces, there’s a very real impetus for his and the Center’s work: the growing threat of political instability caused or exacerbated by a warming planet. The story includes a Q&A with Titley in which he talks about striving not to politicize the climate change discussion while emphasizing that it’s not “just an environmental issue; it’s a technology, water, food, population issue.”

On the bench, and off: A couple of cool behind-the-scenes features on Penn State sports from student media outlets: The Collegian profiles Dwayne Anderson, a Nittany Lion basketball assistant coach who earned the respect and admiration of Pat Chambers when Chambers was an assistant, and Anderson a player, at Villanova; and Onward State introduces us to the women of Penn State’s nationally competitive club power-lifting team.

Ryan Jones, senior editor

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The Penn Stater Daily — Jan. 29, 2014

BfGr0zhCQAE5ZN4Feeling good: David Glen, a sophomore forward on the hockey team, tweeted this photo Tuesday from his hospital bed, where he’s recovering after donating bone marrow to a stranger. “12 hours and a couple pokes later I’m all done!!! Can’t express how thankful I am for all the support,” he wrote.  He also thanked the staff at Geisinger—and his mom, of course—for “babying me all day.”

Preparing for a new era: Joe Paterno famously claimed he didn’t even read the newspapers, let alone anything online. Bill O’Brien made no secret of his disdain for “Spacebook and Tweeter.” But the new regime in Lasch Building is social media savvy, and Bill DiFilippo of Onward State compiled a list of Twitter handles for everyone on the football team, from head coach @coachjfranklin through the rest of the coaching staff, the starters, the reserves, and the recruits. It’s kind of amazing.

Engaged scholarship: This interesting piece from today’s Collegian by Genae Salinas discusses how “out of classroom experiences” (or engaged scholarship) has become a topic of conversation for a university-wide committee discussing requirements for new general education standards. The committee’s chair, Beth Seymour, who said she requires community projects in her classes at Penn State Altoona, explained, “These experiences are going to help broaden their intellectual maturity.”

Pennsylvania. The capital of snacks: This news release from Penn State public information notes how many of the snacks we’ll be consuming while watching the Super Bowl come from our state, including four brands of potato chips. I heartily concur with Penn State professor of food science Greg Ziegler, who ended a list of said snack items by saying, “Then, obviously, pretzels. And then in the best of all worlds: Chocolate-covered pretzels.”

Lori Shontz, senior editor

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