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Penn State Field Hockey Player Aurelia Meijer Gave the Best Interview Ever

Watching the joy in an athlete’s face after a big win is one of the best things about sports. This was on display last week after Penn State’s field hockey team took down Iowa, 3-2. All three goals were scored by freshman midfielder/forward Aurelia Meijer, including the game-winner as time expired.

Afterward, Meijer – a native of South Africa and the first international player in program history – did an interview with the Big Ten Network. Meijer had a smile on her face as she broke down each of her three goals in detail. She also talked about her brief time at Penn State, which led to the BTN announcer calling her “a breath of fresh air.”

Bill DiFilippo, online editor

October 30, 2015 at 11:28 am 2 comments

A Morning Run, 324, and a Classic Commericial

On my way into the office Wednesday morning, I walked through Paterno Library, where students and fans and alumni are leaving memories of Joe on Post-It notes, some attached to bulletin boards, others stuck to a Stand-Up Joe.

Among the snippets that stood out:

Waved and asked how I was during my morning run.

You’ve made a proud Paterno Fellow out of me.

” … and all you cool cats.” JoePa at Football Eve 2009.

Joe, I love you. 324.

B10 commercial. Come to Penn State.

The last is my favorite, I’ll admit. The Big Ten Network commercial from a couple of years back is hilarious; it’s Joe at his most deranged. Here’s a YouTube version that’s a little fuzzy. Watch to the end. Enjoy.

Lori Shontz, senior editor

January 25, 2012 at 9:57 am Leave a comment

Paterno the Center of Attention at Big Ten Media Day

This Associated Press photo was taken when Paterno spoke with mostly local Penn State media in the hall after his formal press conference Tuesday.

Joe Paterno is always good for some snappy one-liners when he faces the press, and his appearance Tuesday at Big Ten Media Day (which you can watch here) was no exception. He characterized the illness that kept him from making public appearances over the summer as not intestinal but “something lower than that,” and he name-dropped Mark Twain in joking that “the rumor of my death has been over-exaggerated or something.”

That said, Paterno looked tired. He’s lost weight. And his speech was notably slower and a little slurred, which is reflected in the coverage. You can check out a nicely framed and written story from The Daily Collegian here, the observations from the astute and often controversial Dave Jones of the Harrisburg Patriot-News here, and the story by USA Today’s Marlen Garcia, who kicked off the press conference by asking Paterno if he would coach until he died, here.

And if you want to hear more directly from Paterno, you can watch a here’s a post-press conference video from Fight on State here.

Paterno said repeatedly that he’s doing fine and is ready for the season, which is rapidly approaching. Driving past Beaver Stadium on my way home yesterday, I noticed that the numbered “parking stops” marking the spaces are already in place along Park Avenue.

Lori Shontz, senior editor

August 3, 2010 at 10:26 am 1 comment

We Are… Tapping Our Way to $10K

A quick update on the Big Ten Bobblethon we mentioned last week: Penn State beat Michigan (a phrase we never tire of hearing) and the rest of the conference schools to win $10,000 for the Alumni Association’s scholarship fund. (That’s Penn State athletic director Tim Curley ’76, ’78 MEd and the bobbleheaded likeness of Ki-Jana Carter ’95 accepting the check at Monday’s Big Ten media day.) Thanks to everyone who took a minute to tap.

Ryan Jones, senior editor

August 2, 2010 at 5:11 pm Leave a comment

It’s Not Too Late to Tap Cap!

Why not start your weekend with a quick, goofy diversion that’ll help the Alumni Association win $10,000 for our scholarship fund? Just click on the Big Ten Network website, where you’ll find the Big Ten Icons “Bobblethon” page. After a quick sign-up, you can click on the Penn State link and tap on the virtual rendering of Nittany Lion legend John Cappelletti ’74 H&HD. Like we said, it’s silly, but the winning school gets ten grand toward student scholarships. Penn State is in the lead, but Michigan is running a close second. Help make sure it stays that way.

Ryan Jones, senior editor

July 30, 2010 at 4:54 pm 1 comment

Dave Jones on Big Ten Expansion

The college football offseason is rarely quiet, and much of the noise this year has come from folks talking, writing, prognosticating and blogging about the possibility of Big Ten expansion. The traditional story line — the Big Ten has coveted Notre Dame as a 12th member ever since Penn State joined the league nearly two decades ago, but the Fighting Irish never bit — has been updated as the league recently announced it was taking its most serious look yet at adding a 12th school. The topic has been buzzing online, with a variety of folks making arguments and guessing at the league’s intentions. What seems clearer than ever is that, with or (most likely) without Notre Dame, the Big Ten is more likely than not to expand in the next few years — to 12 teams, perhaps, but maybe to 14 or even 16. The ultimate decision will reshape the college football landscape as drastically (if not more so) than did Penn State’s switch from independent to Big Ten power nearly 20 years ago.

David Jones of the Harrisburg Patriot-News posted a three-part story today that’s as well-done as anything I’ve seen on the topic. Part One explains why expansion appears to make so much sense right now, for reasons that shouldn’t surprise anyone (hint: it’s what makes the world go ’round). Part Two explains why, in Dave’s opinion, the addition that Penn State fans would most like to see is not the most likely to happen (hint: the lure of a classic rivalry is trumped by the bottom line, every time). And Part Three offers Dave’s pick for the “sleeping giant” that might ultimately make the most sense if the Big Ten adds just one team.

Time will tell if Dave’s right (or if our friend Frank the Tank is prescient with his prediction of Texas), but this is compelling stuff regardless.

Ryan Jones, senior editor

March 8, 2010 at 9:53 am Leave a comment

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