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Penn Staters Take Center Stage

Our current cover story features Penn Staters who work in New York and national theatre. We thought it’d be cool to share a selection of performances by some of the folks we profiled.

Caroline Bowman

Bowman ’10 is the leading lady in one of the biggest shows on Broadway, as she plays one of the co-leads in Wicked. There’s a chance that you’ve heard a performance of the show’s most well-know song, “Defying Gravity,” but if you’ve never heard Bowman perform it with her co-star, definitely give it a listen.

Alan Wiggins

Another member of the class of 2010 is Wiggins, who currently has a role in the ensemble of the Tony Award-nominated Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. In the video above, Wiggins and fellow Penn Stater Laurie Veldheer ’10 perform the Broadway classic “Tonight” from West Side Story.

Audrey Cardwell/Adam Jepsen

Two of the younger Nittany Lions on stage are Audrey Cardwell ’12 and Adam Jepsen ’12. While the two aren’t performing together now±Cardwell is an ensemble player in the national tour of Cinderella while Jepsen is an ensemble player in Chicago—they took to the stage together back in 2012. Cardwell and Jepsen were joined by Dan Higgins ’12 for a performance of the song “Good Morning” from the film “Babes In Arms.”

Bill DiFilippo, online editor

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Peter Pan Pays a Visit

Peter-PanI saw the musical Peter Pan for the first time yesterday. I know, I know, I’m the last person on the face of the earth who has never seen Peter Pan, but it’s true. Somehow I got the whole way through childhood (and a good bit of adulthood as well) without ever having occasion to see it. Anyway, I went to yesterday’s dress rehearsal of the production that opens at Penn State’s Playhouse Theatre this week, and it was—not surprisingly—terrific.

I knew the basic characters in Peter Pan and had a vague general sense of the plot line, but before I went over to the Playhouse yesterday I looked up the show on Wikipedia and read the detailed synopsis. That helped me not get confused (as in, “Where the heck is Tinkerbell? Why don’t I see her?” and “The dog is the nursemaid? What’s up with that?”). And, not incidentally, it also helped me figure out who was who when I was looking later at the photos I took.

Speaking of which, I posted an album of 40 photos from the show on our Facebook page; (more…)

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