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We Give Antalya Two Thumbs Up

We spent three nights in Antalya and, as has been the case with every city we’ve visited on our Turkey trip, we would’ve been happy to stay longer.

Our hotel was right on the Mediterranean and was just a short walk from the Old Town section. Gökhan led us on a walking tour of Old Town, talking about the history of the place while we snapped photos of the charming shops, the Fluted Minaret, and the old buildings.

A week earlier, we had explored the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and felt like we didn’t have nearly enough time there. Being able to stroll through Antalya’s Old Town helped satisfy our appetite for more of the colors and scents of the vendor stalls.

Later, when we had some free time, many of us headed back to Old Town to wander around some more. Others signed up for a Turkish bath, called a hamam, and came back raving about what a fun and memorable experience it was. Still others went to the Atatürk Museum.

By the way, Gökhan tells us that there’s an Atatürk Museum in almost every city in Turkey. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938) was the founding president of Turkey and is widely revered to this day. More on him another time.

Tina Hay, editor

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Faces of Turkey


We’ve all enjoyed taking photos of the sights on this trip to Turkey: photos of mosques, markets, ancient ruins, turquoise seas. But we’ve really enjoyed photographing the people.

The Turkish people are generally warm, friendly, and welcoming of tourists. Many of them are happy for us to take their picture. Others got their picture taken without them realizing it—and obviously there are different schools of thought as to whether that’s appropriate.

Here are a few shots from just the last couple of days. The image above is of two businessmen outside a shop in the Old Town section of Antalya. Roger Werner ’67 Eng caught the image below of one of the vendors outside the ruins of Perge:


At that same market, a toddler—presumably (more…)

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