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The Penn Stater Daily — Oct. 18, 2013

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A “legend” passes: Larry Foster ’48, a giant of the public relations industry and one of Penn State’s most prominent and dedicated alumni, died Thursday. He was 88. Foster’s great impact on the PR world came in the early 1980s, when he guided Johnson & Johnson’s response to the infamous and still-unsolved Tylenol poisoning of 1982. It remains a case study in the right way to handle a corporate PR crisis. His impact on his alma mater has been similarly profound. Along with his wife, Ellen Miller ’49, Foster was a generous and far-sighted donor to Penn State, and particularly to the College of Communications, where they endowed faculty positions and scholarships and supported renovations to the Carnegie Building. A three-term member of the Board of Trustees, Foster also served as president of the Alumni Association, and was instrumental in creating the Alumni Fellows program.

Courting success: The men’s basketball team held its preseason media day Thursday, and while third-year coach Patrick Chambers wouldn’t be specific about how many wins he’s aiming for, or whether this squad has NCAA tournament potential, he made one thing clear: He likes this team. (more…)


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The Penn Stater Daily — Sept. 12, 2013

From news to features, your daily dose of everything Penn State.

Big Maple: Redshirt freshman tailback Akeel “Big Maple” Lynch has the best nickname on the football team, as far as I’m concerned (Bill O’Brien bestowed it, a nod to Lynch’s Canadian citizenship), and so far he’s been a go-to performer in the media room after games, smiley and chatty. But he’s not had an easy road to Penn State, a tale told nicely by John Stuetz of The Daily Collegian.

For The Kids: Are you ready for THON? Sure, it’s five months away, but after watching this five-minute promotional video posted Wednesday night, it’ll seem a lot closer. The interview with a THON child and her mom, sitting together, is particularly moving.

Harry, Hufflepuffs, and the Honey Badger: (more…)

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A Good Night for Penn State Pride


Attorney Edgar Snyder ’63 was among those honored on Tuesday evening.

Seems like every October, I go to the Alumni Fellows dinner half-thinking, “Here comes another banquet” … and every year I come away impressed with the people being honored and the heartfelt things they say. Tuesday night was no exception.

In the course of the evening, the Alumni Association and the academic colleges honored 19 Penn Staters—men and women who have accomplished some pretty cool things. There was a guy who commissions new operas for the Metropolitan Operas, a guy who worked with Penn State to develop a better softbox for pole vaulting, the co-founder of a national patient-advocacy organization, and lots more.

The themes that echoed throughout their remarks were humility and gratitude and, especially, pride in Penn State. In some ways it felt perfectly normal and ordinary to hear people say how much Penn State has meant to them, but then you realized how good it felt to hear those things after the year we’ve all been through.

The best-known of the honorees was probably (more…)

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Now THIS is a Penn State Fan

DSC_3317 sm HummerYesterday morning, about five hours before the kickoff of the Akron game, I stepped outside my house to pick up my morning paper—just in time to see an unbelievably over-the-top, Penn State-themed Hummer pass by and head on up my street. I got only a quick glimpse, but I remember it was decked out in blue-and-white from front to back, top to bottom, with a sizable JoePa bobblehead figurine on the roof.

Before this season is over, I vowed, I’m gonna find that vehicle and get a photo of it.

Well, I didn’t have to wait too long. As it happens, I was headed out of town at game time—to Pittsburgh for a cookout at my sister’s—and I drove by the stadium on my way. It occurred to me to scan the tailgating fields for the Hummer, and sure enough, as I drove along Park Avenue Extension, I spotted it, right along the northeast edge of the stadium.

The blue-haired ventriloquist-type mannequin is new this year.

I pulled up to one of the cops who were keeping traffic from turning onto Porter Road, and asked if by any chance he would let me pull onto Porter and turn my four-way flashers on long enough to run over and get a picture of the Hummer. He thought about it, and to my shock, he said OK.

So I got a few photos, and I chatted briefly with the tailgaters who were guarding the whole Hummer operation—which, I discovered, includes not only the Hummer itself but a blue-haired mannequin, a lucky Penn State rock, and assorted other touches.

The guy turns out to have a whole Web site devoted to this project, and it’s been going on for a number of years—in fact he won the “Most Penn State Spirit” award in the Homecoming Tailgate Competition in 2003, 2004, and 2005. So you may well have seen his tailgate setup before.

DSC_3320 sm Paterno figurineOn the Web site, the guy behind the operation hints at his real identity, though as far as I can tell he doesn’t come right out and say who he is. But it doesn’t take too much Web sleuthing to figure it out: He says he is a mechanical engineering grad, was an Alumni Fellow in 2001, and is a past president of the Berks Campus Alumni Society. Looking at the list of 2001 Alumni Fellows, there were five engineering grads in that group, but only one from Berks: Paul Frankhouser ’65.

One of the nice things about Frankhouser’s tailgate and his Web site is his emphasis on welcoming the fans of visiting teams. His site talks about a “code of honor” and even includes a few letters from visiting-team fans who appreciated how well they were treated when they stopped by his tailgate.

If you want to visit the tailgate, he’s even got a map on his Web site showing you exactly where to find him. I need to stop by again myself—sometime when I don’t have the four-way flashers on and can spend a little time.

Tina Hay, editor

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