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The Penn Stater Daily — Dec. 6, 2013

Road to Seattle: Senior women’s volleyball players Deja McClendon, Katie Slay, and Ariel Scott began their Penn State careers with a national title—they were freshmen when the Nittany Lions won the last of their four consecutive national titles in 2010. They’re hoping to end their careers in the same way. The Nittany Lions open NCAA tournament play in Rec Hall at 7:30 p.m. tonight against LIU-Brooklyn. The winner of that game will face Yale or Utah, which play tonight at 5, on Saturday. The Nittany Lions are seeded No. 2 overall, and they’re a blast to watch.

Aaron Maybin linked this Intagram photo of his Art Basel exhibit on his Twitter account, @AaronMMaybin.

Aaron Maybin linked this Intagram photo of his Art Basel exhibit on his Twitter account, @AaronMMaybin.

Art and football: What is it with Penn State football players and the art world? Former defensive end Matthew Rice is making a name for himself as a mural painter, and now here’s former defensive end Aaron Maybin, whose NFL career never really took off after he left Penn State early in 2009 with an exhibition at Art Basel, a big-deal festival in Miami that’s going on right now. In this video, Maybin discusses the relationship between football and art, saying he gets the “same joy” creating art as he gets from athletic competition, that he believes an artist is “the truest version of a storyteller that still exists,” and that he’s ready to paint when “I’m tormented by an idea.” There’s some adult language, but it’s an interesting conversation. And you can check out some of his work here.

Yoga with Doug: I love that Onward State decided to write about Doug Hayward, teacher of the only Penn State fitness class that has a name attached to it—yes, Yoga With Doug, which is not to be confused with any other yoga classes around here. I was lucky enough to take an on-campus class from Doug a couple of summers ago, and it is truly an experience. I spent half the time in awe of the way he contorted his body (and he didn’t need a mat!) and the other half learning that my body was capable of way more than I’d realized. If you’re in town, you can always check out the offerings at his State College studio, too.

Big stage: One of the cool things about covering Penn State’s wrestling team is the atmosphere in sold-out Rec Hall, which is always packed with fans who know the sport and who can be loud when the occasion calls for it. We’ll see this weekend what that fan base can do in a larger arena—the Bryce Jordan Center, which is sold out for Sunday’s match against Pitt. That’s 15,000 wrestling fans. This also gives me the chance to quote the most entertaining two paragraphs I’ve read this week, from the last item in the weekly notebook by Centre Daily Times wrestling writer Travis Johnson ’09:

“The plan is to have our guys running out like they do at the nationals and just kind of having fun with it,” Sanderson said. “There’s been talk of fireworks and cannons and those kind of things. I’ve kind of lost track of what they’re doing. We talked about it a couple of months ago. I think that’s the plan.”

A Penn State spokesman said pyrotechnics would not likely be used.

Bummer, huh?

The wrestling team is warming up for that spotlight match in an awesome way—competing tonight at Boston University, which is dropping its team at the end of this season. When Sanderson, who’s been an ambassador and advocate for the sport asked the BU coach if there were anything to he could do to help, the coach asked if Penn State could come up and wrestle them. So Penn State is, and it’s hoping the attention will help to save the program.

Lori Shontz, senior editor


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Off to the Races Again for Navorro Bowman

When linebacker Navorro Bowman hauled in an interception in the third quarter of Saturday’s game against Indiana and headed for the end zone, one thought flashed through his mind:

I cannot be caught by the quarterback.

That, he said, would have been humiliating. Far worse than being tackled by a punter or kicker. “Quarterbacks are the ones wearing the red jerseys; you can’t touch them,” he explained, grinning. “So don’t touch me.”

No one did. Bowman rumbled 73 yards to the end zone for his second defensive touchdown of the season, one that gave the Nittany Lions their first lead of the game, 17-10 midway through the third quarter. If that was his last game in Beaver Stadium—a distinct possibility, given that he is projected as a first-round pick in the NFL Draft—Bowman certainly went out in style.

PSU 1114 JRH

Navorro Bowman races for the end zone, captured in this photo by Joe Hermitt of The Patriot-News in Harrisburg.

He also assured that he’d get a lot less ribbing for his second defensive touchdown of the season than he did for his first. When he returned a fumble 91 yards for a touchdown against Eastern Illinois, he was—to put it politely—exhausted when he reached the end zone. He could barely stumble back to the sideline. So led by defensive coordinator Tom Bradley, who’s got a great sense of humor, his teammates let him have it for nearly running out of gas.

Which is why outrunning Indiana quarterback Ben Chappell was so important. “Everybody would have been clowning me if I’d been tackled by the quarterback,” Bowman said.

And which is why he so appreciated that there were 18 fewer yards between him and the end zone on this touchdown run. “Ninety-one yards got me,” he said. “God’s looking out for me, cutting down the yards for me.”

Bowman spent much of the postgame fielding questions about whether he, like the 19 seniors honored in a pregame ceremony, had played his final game in Beaver Stadium. He even rang the Victory Bell on his way off the field, although he said it wasn’t a symbolic gesture. “They asked me to do it,” he said, although he was unsure exactly who “they” was. He assumes it was some students.

Bowman, whose off-field issues have been well documented, said he would evaluate whether he would return for his final year of eligibility. He said he’ll consult with his family, his former Penn State roommate Aaron Maybin, who turned pro after last season and was rewarded with a handsome contract by the Buffalo Bills, and LaVar Arrington, who has been a mentor for years. “I’m blessed to be in a position to be able to make this choice,” Bowman said.

Being a first-round pick matters, he said.

“I want to be the best,” he said. “That’s why you get up at 5 or 6 a.m. Just to be the best.”

Lori Shontz, senior editor


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Aaron Maybin About to Sign with Buffalo

Or so reports.

Ryan Jones says my blog post yesterday was just the push they needed.

Tina Hay, editor

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Aaron Maybin Still Unsigned in Buffalo

article39404Aaron Maybin, who left Penn State after his junior season and was drafted in the first round by the Bills this past April, is still a contract holdout in Buffalo.

I saw an article a week or so ago that explained that it’s typical for first-round picks to wait for the players who were drafted ahead of them to sign contracts (so they can see how much money those guys are going to get) before they finalize their own contracts. It made sense to me.

But yesterday’s Buffalo News has a commentary by Jerry Sullivan that argues pretty persuasively that Maybin’s holdout has gone on too long.

The Bills are ready to slot him into the No. 11 spot and make him rich beyond his wildest imaginings. It’s time to sign a contract, get on the field, and start figuring out what it takes to be a productive NFL defensive end.

Sullivan points out that Maybin is likely to make at least $25 million over the next five years—just a bit more than you or I were making at the age of 21, huh?

Maybin should be thanking his lucky stars. A year ago, he was a sophomore backup at Penn State. If suspensions and injuries hadn’t opened up a spot, Maybin might be preparing for the opener against Akron today.

Less than one year as a college starter and he’s worth $25 million. Great country, eh? Maybin is lucky the NFL hasn’t negotiated a rookie salary cap. The current system, which showers millions on unproven players, is absurd.

Sullivan’s commentary is pretty thought-provoking and well worth a read. Head to the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of this post and let me know what you think.

Tina Hay, editor

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Professional Grades

A few months ago, they were winning championships as Penn State student athletes. Now, these former Nittany Lions are into (or on the verge of) promising pro careers. A story in this week’s Centre Daily Times tells us that Nicole Fawcett, the women’s volleyball All-American featured in our current cover story, is now playing professionally in Puerto Rico. Apparently, Fawcett played her first match for Tus Gigantes de Carolina two weeks ago, just hours after she landed in San Juan. “It was a little weird coming off the plane and taking an hour nap and then going and playing right away,” Fawcett told the CDT.

Closer to home, Penn State held its annual Pro Day on Wednesday. It’s sort of a smaller, localized version of the NFL combine, where pro scouts and coaches show up with stopwatches and tape measures in hand to get a close-up look at the Nittany Lions’ NFL prospects. Based on today’s coverage in the CDT and Harrisburg Patriot-News, defensive end Aaron Maybin and wide receiver Derrick Williams were sufficiently big, strong, and fast enough to solidify or improve their stock for next month’s draft.

Ryan Jones, senior editor

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A Poignant Story About Aaron Maybin

My friend Elaine Nell Keller ’68 in Boiling Springs, Pa., who follows Nittany Lion football even more closely than I do, called my attention to a story that ran this week on Aaron Maybin, Penn State’s All-American defensive end. In the piece, Maybin talks about the death of his mom when he was just 6 years old; the story is, needless to say, very sad. It’s a side of Maybin I never knew about.

Tina Hay, editor

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