Letters: November / December 2021
SO 2021 Cover

Autumn Accolades

I want to acknowledge you for an outstanding edition of the Penn Stater. I rarely read all the articles, but this time I read the entire edition, even the one on pollinators! Most noteworthy were the articles about Sue Paterno [“The Light of the Room,” Sept./Oct., p. 32], which showed us how exceptional a person she is, and the very informative article from Dr. Andrew Reed [“We Know a Lot More Now,” Sept./Oct., p. 42], which was extremely readable. Great edition. You’ve outdone yourselves!
Richard Lemak ’77 Eng
Port St. Lucie, Fla.


Sue Paterno

I just finished the recent edition of the Penn Stater with your feature article on Sue Paterno. I want to thank you for taking the risk to profile such an important person in the ongoing legacy of Penn State, and truly someone who left me inspired to be a better person after reading it. Sue is selfless, a “quiet” leader, and loves our university and what we stand for. She invoked many memories of my own mother (now passed), who had similar family values and a life’s desire to help others—sometimes through amazing Italian food! I appreciated SuePa’s ability to fight through multiple surgeries and life challenges, and her willingness to shrug off the negative with the goal of following both her heart and her head in doing what is right. Thanks for such a great profile on a great human being.
Tim Brown ’87 Bus
Darnestown, Md.


Thank you so much for the excellent story about Sue Paterno. It really gave me some peace in my own struggle to deal with the sudden death of my husband, Don Lewis. Don graduated from Penn State Harrisburg in 1972. He had football season tickets for over 35 years and truly bled blue and white. He was so proud to be an alumnus. He died on Father’s Day of 2019 at the age of 68. We were married for 45 years. Your story about Sue made me know that it is OK to talk to the person we loved and maybe never be able to sleep on his side of the bed. Thanks for honoring Sue and making me smile.
Kate Lewis
Prospect Park, Pa.


Thank you for the heartwarming cover story featuring Sue Paterno. The legacy of the Paterno family is one of unparalleled achievement, philanthropy, and excellence. In the history of American education, it would be difficult to find another couple who have contributed as much as Joe and Sue Paterno. Their devotion to Penn State will be etched in marble for eternity.
Paul Levine ’69 Com
Santa Barbara, Calif.


Thank you so much for the cover story on Sue Paterno! With so many uncertainties today, it was uplifting to see her continuing presence in so much that is Penn State!
Melissa Herman ’63 H&HD, ’71 MA Lib
Bethesda, Md.


When the September/October issue arrived, I immediately read the article about the incomparable Sue Paterno before anything else. She has my complete admiration. How she managed to do it all is inspirational. She’s been and continues to be a source of strength to so many. Her warmth, caring, and generosity are certainly praiseworthy. Kudos to Robyn Passante for this portrayal of an extraordinary woman.
Marcine Fisher Eisenfeld ’68 Lib
Havertown, Pa.


Thank you so much for your cover story on Sue Paterno. What a lovely reminder of her selfless generosity, her graciousness, and her love for Joe.  For that and so very much more, my gratitude to her and to the man she loved so dearly is boundless.
Nancy Swistock Snyder ’82 Lib
Las Vegas, Nev.


I was overjoyed to see Sue Paterno on the cover. Sue epitomizes Penn State. A leader, a giver, a role model, and a courageous person as well. During the storm of a decade ago she was stalwart, facing anger but upholding the honor of her husband and her family. The fact that she continued to serve the university and State College communities is testimony to her strength. How easy it would have been to give up. In the words of Angela Duckworth, she has grit!
Thomas L. Doorley III ’67 Lib,’67 Eng
Harwich Port, Mass.



What a wonderful article on Sue Paterno. As an alum, I beam with pride and celebrate her accomplishments. Resilience, love, and giving to others are hallmarks we should all aspire to. Thank you for providing this overdue insight. And thanks to Sue for sticking with us through it all. She is truly “the light of the room.”
Matt Bird ’80 Eng
Gettysburg, Pa.


Alumni in Portugal
We Are Around the World
Enjoying the Azores, Portugal and years of friendship with other Penn Staters. We Are! —Rob Browell ’89 A&A; Gary Kiefer ’05 Lib; Lauren Chesterton ’89 Bus; John Gailey ’04 Eng

Cincinnati game program







In the Glory Days feature in our Sept./Oct. issue [“In A Word, Decisive,” p. 27], we incorrectly stated the football team’s highest all-time point total. The single-game scoring record was set in a 109–7 victory over Lebanon Valley in 1920. We regret the error.